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Panty Liner
sold as

Fabulous Flo Pads

Easy to wash, easy to use, comfy, absorbent and non-toxic.

  • soft, breathable organic cotton against the skin

  • super absorbent with a waterproof backing - no more leaks!

  • slim, trim and contoured for an amazing fit

  • comfy and non toxic - no more plasticky disposables

  • the heavy pad comes in two separate pieces for added leak protection at night

  • the panty liner pairs perfectly with a menstrual cup

  • simple to wash with a regular load of laundry on cold or warm - for full instructions and a FAQ CLICK HERE

  • beautifully made with attention to detail


Special Washing Tip – Panty Liners!

Manufactured by: Bummis
Made in: Canada from fabrics made in the USA

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