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Cloth nappies are ECONOMICAL

A supply of single-use diapers that will last from birth to potty training will cost between $2500-$3000. A stash of cloth nappies that can be used for the same 2 1/2 year period can cost as little as $300. Phenomenal savings, even after you factor in an extra 2-3 loads of laundry per week. Use those nappies for more than one baby and WOW! even bigger savings.

Cloth nappies are EASY

Still thinking of pins and plastic pants? Thinking that cloth nappy laundry would be gross? Think again! Contemporary cloth nappies have snaps or Velcro-style closures, with hi-tech waterproof fabrics that keep leaks at bay. Bio-Soft Liners make nappy changes a breeze. There's no need to sacrifice convenience when you choose cloth.

Cloth nappies are ECO-FRIENDLY

Add up the single-use nappies used for ONE baby for 2.5 years and you'll get 1 to 2 TONS of garbage. Under ideal conditions, one single-use nappy can take 500 years to biodegrade. But there are no ideal conditions in landfills – no air or light. Even “biodegradable” single-use nappies will take a long time to break down. If we want to reduce, re-use and recycle, then cloth diapers are the logical choice!

Cloth nappies are COMFY and HEALTHY

There’s nothing like the feel of soft cloth against your baby’s skin. You can tell when cloth is wet, so cloth nappies get changed more often – and that’s healthy. Babies in cloth benefit from more air circulation, less build-up of high temperatures, and are less susceptible to rashes. Bummis cloth nappies are tested safe for your baby and guaranteed lead, phlalate and BPA free.

Cloth nappies are CUTE

Last (but not necessarily least!), take a look at our products, and you'll have to agree that cloth nappies are also pretty darned CUTE!



Because starting out with cloth is healthy for newborns. Their skin is so fragile and sensitive, and wrapping it up in soft organic cotton is ideal!
Because it’s so easy to use cloth nappies in the beginning! And when you see how easy it really is to do, it will become a natural part of your routine right away.
Newborn nappies fit so well that they make using them even easier. Once you try them it’s hard to not keep going with them since they are so cute and affordable and work so well!

Newborn nappies are never a waste because they can be reused for a second child or for extra night-time absorbency as baby grows.

Worried about meconium? Use a Bio-soft liner when baby is tiny. Or better yet, don’t even worry about it! Anything will wash out of cotton.


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