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Why Choose Prefold nappies?

Here at Bummis we love all types of cloth nappies – but we especially love our organic cotton prefold inserts. Here’s why!


  • 100% soft, natural, organic fabric against baby’s skin.
  • Easy to wash, and quick to dry!
  • Very, very absorbent.
  • Less vulnerable to detergent and urine residue.
  • Less likely to retain odours.
  • Easy investment and big savings over the long-run.
  • No stuffing required – easy to fold and place in a nappy cover.
  • A great and customizable fit on any baby – simply by folding!
  • Use with any type of nappy wrap for even more customizing – change prints and colours, fit and fabric whenever you like.
  • Versatile! Use as a diaper, a burp pad, etc. ….and they make great rags when you are finished using them as nappies.
  • VERY durable – plan to use them for more than one baby (and did we mention what great rags they make later on?).
  • Organic cotton IS hands-down the greenest and most sustainable choice in fabrics.
  • A tried and true option that is simple and convenient when used with flushable liners and contemporary wraps.