MADE HERE - Why Should I Care?

In the past 20 years, 1300 fabric manufacturers have closed in North America and hundreds of thousands of textile workers have lost their jobs. Offshore fabrics have been putting our mills out of business because even local manufacturers often use imported fabrics.

It has become harder and harder for us to find local suppliers but we do it anyway, buying the vast majority of our fabric from American and Canadian mills. At Bummis we only buy imported fabrics when we cannot find a domestic manufacturer of the fabric that we need. We strongly support the return of the textile industry in North America and the return of the prosperity that comes with it.

Can't find a retailer near you? Check out our online boutique, based out of Montréal.  We have all the products you see here, plus our newest creations, available exclusively at Boutique Bummis.


Why is it important to consider buying products that are MADE HERE?

MADE HERE means sourcing fabrics and components in the USA and Canada, and sewing them in our factory just outside of Montreal.

MADE HERE means employing folks HERE: in our factory, office, USA warehouse and in the domestic textile mills that knit our fabrics.

MADE HERE means that the people who make our products can actually afford to buy our products because they are paid a fair wage.

MADE HERE is our commitment to sustainability; a sustainable economy and a sustainable future - for your babies and ours.


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