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ORGANIC COTTONtwo-sided cotton
ORGANIC COTTON PLUScotton with a waterproof backing

Breast Pad Travel Pack

Practical, absorbant and incredibly soft and comfy.

A nifty little package of super comfortable organic cotton breast pads in a reusable, waterproof bag. The BREAST PAD TRAVEL PACK comes with two pairs of breast pads inside a Mini Fabulous Wet Bag. The bag is food grade and can be reused for snacks, cosmetics and more!

Our beautiful breast pads are good for the early days of oh! so sensitive nipples, but absorbent enough for those days of really heavy let-downs. Available in 2-sided ORGANIC COTTON around a powerfully absorbent core or ORGANIC COTTON PLUS a waterproof layer to provide extra protection.

They come in a waterproof MINI FABULOUS WET BAG. This 5 x 6 inch bag is perfect for breast pads and can also be used for for travel, toiletries, wipes, menstrual pads, micro organization, small electronics and more. The Mini Fab is food grade and can even be reused for snacks as baby transitions towards solid foods.

Wash on warm or hot; use residue-free detergent. Hang dry or tumble dry. Avoid fabric softeners, bleach and brighteners.

The BREAST PAD TRAVEL PACK is made in our own wonderful factory in the Montreal area, so that we are assured of good quality and fair labour practices. The fabrics and components that we use are guaranteed lead, phthalate and BPA free.


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Rachel Kasinger

2014-03-04 13:17:55

Breast pads with bag.

I just wanted to rave about these!!!! I was the winner of a free set of these a while back. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and have started to leak a little. I love the silky texture of the material, really is the softest I've used, and they wash up like a dream. Also the water proof bag is wonderful. I can wear one set, and bring the second along in my purse. This way when the set I am wearing needs to be changed I can put them in the bag while taking out a clean crumb free set to replace them with. Best part is because the bag is water proof I don't get anything in my purse dirty when I stash the bag back in. If you are considering buying a set to try, please do.

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