As a successful business we have a responsibility to give back. It is both our joy and privilege to do so. We give what we can in all sorts of ways - we donate diapers and other baby products as well as money. We sponsor all sorts of good causes – community events and organizations, etc. In our retail stores we hold informational seminars on alternative health care, breastfeeding, babywearing, etc. The concept of community is vitally important to us – both in a local and in a global sense.

For a family struggling to make ends meet, the cost of disposable diapers is catastrophic. A little bit every week adds up to a lot! In Canada we estimate the cost of using disposable diapers at $2500-3000 per baby. Imagine what a young family can do with an amount like that to improve their standard of living?

So we supply local families with cloth diapers, either free of charge, or at cost. They are referred to us through clinics and public health nurses, and through organizations working with needy families – many of whom are recent immigrants or refugees. The parents are provided with a letter which they bring to one of our stores. There they are instructed on how to use and wash their cloth diapers, and sent home with 24 diapers, 4 diaper covers and washing information. When the baby is ready to move up into the next size of diapers and covers, parents who purchased the diapers at cost can exchange the newborn set to one of our stores, for a larger set of diapers and covers free of charge.

We also donate diapers and/or diaper covers to various organizations and orphanages internationally.

Some of our recent recipients include:

Foibe in a Pink Super Brite Praygod

Foibe (left) and Praygod (right) at Nkoaranga Orphanage sporting their Bummis diaper covers (thanks to Amy Summers for the photos!)

We donate all sorts of products for door prizes or raffles on a regular basis to non profit organizations in Canada and the USA for their fundraising and community events.

Some organizations that we faithfully support are:

Others that we have provided support to in the past are:

Cultural Events

We are also proud to have been the sponsors of the Montreal screening of “The Business of Being Born” in April 2008 and the Montreal screening of “Orgasmic Birth” in May, 2009!


In addition, Shirley and Betsy give of their time and energy by serving on various boards and committees. Shirley serves on the board of the Reusable Diaper Industry Association and Betsy on the Retail Council of Canada’s Independent Retailer Task Force. And we have recently initiated discussions with one of our favourite community organizations regarding corporate volunteerism – a very exciting concept!

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