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Panty Liner
sold as

Fabulous Flo Pads

Easy to wash, easy to use, comfy, absorbent and non-toxic.

  • soft, breathable organic cotton against the skin

  • super absorbent with a waterproof backing - no more leaks!

  • slim, trim and contoured for an amazing fit

  • comfy and non toxic - no more plasticky disposables

  • even easier to use on-the-go when paired with our FABULOUS FLO BAG

  • the heavy pad comes in two separate pieces for added leak protection at night

  • the panty liner pairs perfectly with a menstrual cup

  • simple to wash with a regular load of laundry on cold or warm - for full instructions and a FAQ CLICK HERE

  • eco-friendly and made in Canada with exquisite attention to detail, using fabrics manufactured in the USA


Special Washing Tip – Panty Liners!

Manufactured by: Bummis
Made in: Canada from fabrics made in the USA

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2017-04-01 21:13:34

Panty liners

The one snap fastening system was a complete failure for me. Despite wearing fairly snug undies, the entire liner was in a bunched up lump within 15mins of first use. After only 1hour of use, and a couple more readjustments, I completely gave up. Very very disappointing.


2015-03-17 08:17:06

Shrunk %(

I just bought one pad to try. As soon as I washed it, the inner part shrunk significantly, making the pad misshaped. As I've been washing it by hand, I stretched it somewhat back in shape, and came back for stretching wile it's been drying. Since I've only got one, I've been washing it every evening. Unfortunately, it does the same thing every time. I can only imagine what it will become, if I through it into a washer instead washing it by hand %(. Otherwise, the product does its job nicely. However, I will not be buying any more of them.

Anna Silver

2014-09-27 17:48:28

Flo pads (panty liner, regular and heavy flow) and bags

I found that the panty liner was slightly on the narrow side (I am size 10/12 so fairly average in build). All of the pads suffered from the problem that they curl at the sides after the first wash rather than lying completely flat against the pants. This is possibly due to the design of the wings, which are somewhat different to pads made by other companies. The wings have been sewn on at the base of the pad rather than being part of the same piece of cloth as the pad itself. The pads themselves washed extremely well and so performed better than other pads from this point of view. Some people do not mind staining but I do not like it and so was pleased to find these pads easy to clean without leaving a stain. The pads were comfortable to wear and the level of absorbency was good. I like the choice of material for the pads and bags from a visual point of view. However, I would prefer the bag with the 2 pouches (excellent idea) to have a popper fastening for the clean pads rather than be "open" because my handbags and rucksack are not particularly clean inside and tend to get filled with rubbish.

Sarah Stogryn

2014-08-05 09:31:46

Fabulous Flo Pads

I've been using cloth pads for nearly 10 years and was excited to see a line of pads from Bummis. I've used both the heavy and the regular, and like them both. They are well-sewn with high-quality fabrics; are trim, comfortable, and absorbent. I was doubtful about the snap-in liner on the heavy pad but was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it was and how much each liner holds. I will say its important to follow the washing instructions they come with. I tend to use hot water and a medium dryer for cloth pads/diapers/etc and found that resulted in some shrinkage. Wash as per the instructions though and these pads should function well for a long time.

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