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Fabulous Wet Bag (small & medium)

Very handy! Leak resistant! Many, many uses!

  • practicaldurable and leak resistant - made with waterproof fabric and double-seamed on three sides

  • zipper closure and handle that snaps around stroller

  • made with food grade materials

  • versatile - perfect for diapers, swimsuits, travel laundry, papers, lunches and more!

  • eco-friendly, non-toxic and made in Canada from fabrics made in the USA

Want to know what else you can use Fabulous Wet Bags for? Check out our blog post on Creative Uses for Fabulous Wet Bags - and be sure to read all the user comments at the bottom!

Turn the bag inside out to wash. Wash and dry at normal temperatures and avoid fabric softeners, chlorine bleach, or any other whitening agents. Guaranteed lead, phlalate and BPA free.

Manufactured by: Bummis
Made in: Canada

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2017-02-21 18:10:49

Great bag, weak seams

We have three of these bags going on the 6 months now and they're wonderful. Lightweight, waterproof and a good size -plus they clean up well and keep looking like new. My one complaint is that the seams around the snap handle really need to be reinforced. All three of my bags have holes at the handle (and did within the first month of use) that I've had to reinforce by hand. Considering how rugged the rest of the bag is, it's disappointing how weak the seam at the handle is.

Lori March

2016-08-22 12:44:01

Fabulous Wet Bag

I purchased one of these back in 2010. It is still going strong through 3 babies, now I use it for swimming and the gym. Amazing product!


2014-11-22 00:13:13

A Convert to the Wet Bag

I tried to go as minimal as possible with my first and for the first six months used a plastic bag. It was not until I purchased one of these that I realized what I was missing. They are small to carry around empty, can hang up and when stuffed they can hold an enormous amount of stuff. I now have one for each kid that have evolved into their wet swimming bags. I even splurged with the last child and bought one of the limited edition bicycle prints. I love it!


2014-08-05 16:05:39


Don't think I'll be buying another one of these. Love the design of the bag but its completely delaminated after a dozen washes (warm rinse, hot wash, cool rinse, tide only). Too bad because it was super convenient.

Sarah J

2013-07-13 09:53:14

Great Product but Not Durable

I love the Bummis wet bags (I have two large and one meduim size bag). They work great but unfortunately the waterproof lining has ripped in one of my large bags and my medium size bag. It took about a year for this to happen. It would be nice to know if there was a way to fix the lining. From what I've read, it seems like a somewhat common problem. Thanks you.


2013-04-27 15:33:55

Wet Bag

I loved the bag. I had three different ones and this one was my favorite. But after 2 months of use, there were holes around the zipper which makes it so hard to open and close...


2013-03-02 12:06:36

Best Wet Bag

I adore these wet bags. I have all the sizes. Zippers are strong, no weaks, cute patterns. I now buy them for everyone having a baby. This is a must have item, whether you cloth diaper or use them for dirty clothes on the go!


2013-01-21 20:50:43

Love them!

I love my little wet bag! We use it daily when we have our one outting a day & it serves double the purpose on our swimming days :) Never had any issues with leaking, even our soaking swim wear! I also would like a medium size for our up coming day care days. Thanks Bummis!

Gina Carota

2012-11-14 17:45:30

loved it for a month

Have been using this for a month now and had no complaints at all until today. Just took it off the drying rack and noticed there is a hole (about half a cm in diameter) in the PUL lamination. I have washed it probably 3 times and never dried it, so I don't understand what happened. It was my favorite wet bag of all the ones I've tried, so I'm pretty disappointed.

Jessica H.

2012-11-05 08:19:36

Fantastic Wet Bag!

I purchased a small Bummis wet bag along with a larger one of a different brand a year and a half ago at a local maternity store. We live in an area with extreme heat and I am so happy to say that even after being washed and dried several times a week, my Bummis bag still looks brand new! The PUL hasn't cracked or peeled and it has retained it color wonderfully (although the other name brand didn't fair so well!). Great product and great price! 5 Stars from us!!

Stephanie Thornton

2011-04-13 23:16:55

Awesome wet bags

I just bought two more of your wet bags to replace ones that are leaking (they are not Bummis). I have two other wet bags that are Bummis and I love them. They are easy to wash with the rest of the diaper wash and I have not had any leakage or smell problems with the two I currently own. This is what made me buy two more Bummis. I really enjoy that I can attach them to my diaper bag for taking to daycare and I don't have to stuff them inside the diaper bag. This is a great wet bag.


2011-02-18 12:42:25

Response to "disappointed"

So sorry you are having trouble with your Fab bag! We have no record of you contacting the company - please call us at 1-888-828-6647. Number 1 - our products should not fall apart, and if they do, we need to know about it so we can fix the problem! Number 2- this fabric is made for us and can be washed at VERY high temperatures. So if the color is leaching out that is the first we have ever seen of this in years of making this fabric and we need to address it immediately. It's really serious!! Please be in touch with us so we can resolve this. Thank you!

Rhonda Freemann

2011-02-18 11:57:44


6 weeks after my purchase * leaked * colour from fabric of baggie bled onto dry white towel * Second baggie came apart after 2 months Contacted co. was blown off and told to go to store - store told me to contact manuf. Found someone else who makes them in Toronto and has better colors. Sorry - not my cup of tea :(

Erin French

2010-12-05 13:47:26

Best Wet Bag EVER!!

I purchased this wet bag (and admittedly didn't know much about them at the time) and I absolutely love it! It contains all the messes when we are out and about, and washes so nicely. I love this bag!


2010-11-29 22:40:16

love the bag, hate the construction

I have purchased 2 of the wet bags and love the bag! however, both of my two bags have fallen apart in the 7 weeks I've been using them. The seams need to be reinforced, especially around the zipper and the snap handle. I've contacted the company, so hopefully they will have a resolution and also consider reinforcing the seams!

Stephanie P.

2010-10-27 15:30:55

Simply Fabulous!

I received this wet bag as a win on the Bummis blog Cloth Diapering Surprise giveaway and am SO glad that I won. I have been using a different brand's drawstring closure bags and they simply do not compare. The Fabulous Wet Bag is, well, fabulous. It is sturdy and holds many more diapers than the others do, and has become absolutely indispensable to our household! Thank you, Bummis!

Jennifer Brade

2010-10-21 10:44:56

Love this bag!

I have several different brands of wet bags. this one is the best. it doesnt leak. i left my soppping wet swimsuit in ti for 2 days (overnight) and it contained the wet. i want 3 more! i love these!!


2010-08-06 23:07:17

Great bag!

This bag rocks -- very good quality. I was skeptical that a wetbag could stand up to being washed w/ my diapers every other day, but this bag does! This bag looks like new after being heavily used and washed for 7+ months! I just wish they made it in a large.

Keren Jackson

2010-07-02 19:31:21

Versatility in a bag!

These bags have so many uses! Bathing suits, diapers, dirty bibs/clothes...the possibilities are endless!


2010-07-02 12:00:51

Awesome invention

A friend of mine has these and I think they are a great idea! Much better than the plastic bag I carry around!

Melanie Leduc

2010-03-19 19:47:58


Thank you so much for these. I'm pretty sure these wet bags are the greatest invention on the planet sometimes! We have pink and yellow and I can't wait for new prints. They save my life on a weekly basis!!!!!! I love Bummis!


2010-01-04 14:46:09

Fabulous Wet Bags

Love this wet bag! Please consider making the large size available to anyone. The colours are great and not as dull looking as the regular tote bags. I would love to purchase some to transport diapers to daycare, etc...

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