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one-size10-30+ lbs / 4.5-13.5+ kg

Flannel Fitted

  • 100% organic cotton sherpa interior (made in the USA)

  • cute flannel exterior in a variety of adorable prints

  • super easy to wash - contains no microfibre terry

  • trim yet very absorbent with cross-over tabs and rise snaps for the perfect fit

  • breathable, soft and cozy

  • wide, comfy elastic that sits flat against baby's back

  • fits well with all types of covers (two-size or sized covers may need to go up a size sooner when using fitted diapers)

  • works wonderfully during the day or at night with a Deluxe Booster

  • healthy, eco-friendly & made in Canada from American and imported fabrics

*The Flannel Fitted is available in various girl, boy and unisex prints. Actual fabrics may vary, but will always be fresh and cute!

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willow hopkins

2016-03-31 18:53:25

Waste of money! NOT absorbent enough.

I loved these diapers when I first bought them, but that only lasted a few months. They quickly got a urine residue and after trying EVERYTHING in the brochure to remove it with no luck, I had to stop using them and switch to disposables because my daughter was getting a rash from them. I tried contacting the company several times with no luck, and could not bring them back to the Bummis store where I had bought them because they had closed down. After months of using disposables I finally reached somebody at Bummis and they told me how to get rid of the urine residue (with Dawn dish soap) which worked, but the diapers covers now leaked through EVERY time my daughter would pee! I was changing diapers AND clothing every hour! One of the diaper covers (the simply lite) even leaked through the bum part. Again I contacted customer support and when nobody got back to me after a few weeks I tried again. I was basically told that my daughter probably needs more absorbency and to buy (which would cost another 100$ on top of the 500$ I already spent) some liners and they would only replace the one cover that leaked from the bum and not those that leaked from the legs. All in all, not absorbent enough and will not last. Total waste of money :(. Terribly customer support. I was so happy to try cloth and support a local Montreal company but in the end I was very disappointed in the product and the company.


2015-03-21 21:20:09

Wonderful diaper, but doesn't last

I love the fit of this diaper. It is trim (for a fitted) but still has enough absorbency for us during the day. It is easy to put on, and the wide elastics are comfy and don't leave red marks. The sherpa lining doesn't get scratchy when I dry it on the line. BUT the flannel (a distressed, i.e. already broken down) fabric was a terrible choice. My oldest diaper is only about 6 months old, and it has runs in the fabric around the snaps. Very disappointed!


2014-11-20 17:11:05

A Slim Fitting Bummis Diaper - Flannel Fitted

I am a huge fan of the versatility of the prefold diapers and Snappie with the Super Whisper Wrap cover and was very curious to see how this diaper would work. My little one is just learning to crawl and this is the diaper that I pull out since it is very trim fitting. I love the fitted legs and have found that I have had less poop leaks into my covers and therefore less cover washing. I love the prints and often leave my little one to crawl around without a cover. Since I am doing Elimination Communication I have not soaked the diaper through yet but the times that it has become wet I feel that it keeps the baby dry and happy. I am a loop and hook fan so the snaps have gotten a little getting use to but generally I am happy with them during the day, I think snaps at night would not be a good thing for me. Thank you Bummis for being a great company with local (Canada and USA) materials and manufacturing, keep on making new and exciting products.

Siobhan G.

2014-11-15 11:16:29

Awesome Daytime Fitted!

I'm really impressed with the Flannel Fitted, and it's a great daytime option. We've used it with both the Bummis Super Whisper and Simply Lite covers. The absorbancy is wonderful, and I really like how dry the Sherpa stays next to baby even when the flannel is soaked. It has a great trim fit, and fits my tall skinny toddler perfectly. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend!


2014-11-11 14:34:44

2 Thumbs Up!

I am new to fitted diapers, but not new to cloth diapering. In my eyes, as someone who loves her Bummis prefolds, the new flannel fitted had big shoes to fill! As soon as it came I was won over by its luxurious velour feel inside. It is still super soft after repeated washing and line drying. What I like most is how trim it is, making it totally customizable. There is no way I could have stuffed any of my other fitted diapers with a prefold, and then put a cover over! And speaking of covers, I used my 7 year old Super Whisper and Super Brite wraps. Still going strong after two bums and being stored away between babies. Thumbs up Bummis. You have a winner!


2014-11-10 23:25:31

Shows great promise

Full disclosure - This is the first fitted diaper I've ever tried on my LO so I'm comparing it to the Bummis prefolds I usually use and I received this diaper as a tester. Things I loved: Locally sourced and made - This is a huge one with the plethora of diapers out there, especially on the Internet. Those Internet diapers might be cheaper but this is something I'm putting on my baby's bum so I feel a whole lot better putting something I know is safe near it! Super cute print - Since I use prefolds exclusively I don't have the same adorable stash has many people who cloth diaper. Having the cute prints on the fitted diapers is very appealing. Easy of use - Again, I use prefolds exclusively so that means using a snappi. I'm quite used to this since I've been doing it for about 20 months, but it's harder to change diapers out and about and dad begrudges the snappi at (almost) every diaper change. Having an option with easy to use snaps is nice. And the extra rise snaps help ensure a good fit that mean I can use it from newborn to potty training. Things I didn't love: Cost - Nothing I've seen is as cheap as using prefolds and saving money is a big motivator for many who cloth diaper. That said if my whole stash isn't made up of fitted diapers it's nice to have a few to mix it up despite the slightly higher cost. Absorbency - I tried some of those crummy overseas pocket diapers. My LO leaked every time. This just proved to me that nothing can absorb like a prefold! Now that my LO is bigger I use a booster with my prefold for every bum change to get longer wear from change to change. So of course I was a bit disappointed when the fitted didn't last as long as my prefold/booster combo and leaked once (in 3 wears). That said, even when super wet I had no poop breaches (2 poops) and am hoping once I reach my 10 washes and the diaper reaches it full absorbency we won't have any problems!

Joy Ayala

2014-11-10 21:54:27

It's growing on me

I received this diaper free of charge to test and review. All opinions are my own. I was excited to be chosen as a tester for this diaper. I haven't used very many fitteds (Sandy's and Osleeps are the only other fitteds in my stash), so I wasn't quite sure what to expect from it. Additionally I was a bit nervous about the snaps - I'm a hook and loop closure fan usually. We washed it up and tried it out. Here are my thoughts: Pros: -it is a very trim fit and looks cute. The flannel print is adorable. -it fits well under all the bummis covers I own, the superbrites (now discontinued) and pull-on pant -the snaps are not as tough as I had feared they would be cons: -it is not as absorbent as I would have hoped. I find that it gets very wet in front (where my little one pees) to the point of leaking through, while rest of it is dry. It also doesn't last as long (absorbency wise)as my flats and prefolds -it does not wick moisture away at all, so if you are looking for something that wicks moisture, this is not your best option, unless you pair it with a stay dry liner. bottom line: I'm not crazy about it, but I don't hate it either. It is definitely growing on me. At this point I likely won't be adding anymore to my stash, but I will keep them in mind in the future.

Alexandra Hunt

2014-11-06 18:32:09

Cozy and trim for baby

What I love about Bummis Flannel Fitted: Great fit! No leaks, no gaps around the waist or legs, despite not having ruffled elastics (turned and topstitched instead). Trimness! Even with a cover, this diaper was trimmer than my size 2 Applecheeks pocket diapers. I like the look of a fluffy bum, but this fitted was also trim between her legs, which is important to us. It washed up easily, and dried in one cycle (unlike my Sandy's bamboo or cotton fitted diapers, which take 1.5 cycles) Gentle, wide elastics were soft and comfortable and didn't leave marks on my daughters legs or waist. Adorable print! I'm in love with our "fairies" diaper! Strong snaps that aren't too hard for other caregivers to open They fit beautifully under the Bummis simply lite cover and other covers we own. one-size from birth through potty-training. Budget-wise, one-size is better for families looking to save money by cloth-diapering. Soft and cozy - that sherpa material is so snuggly! For a diaper. Which sounds strange. haha Cons: This diaper is a quick absorber ? just like my cotton birdseye flats and flannel inserts I?ve used previously. Unfortunately, it becomes full relatively quickly (1 hour, 40 minutes was the longest it lasted on my heavy wetter, compared to 2-3 hours with my AMP or Applecheeks diapers). Fitteds are known for being magic for heavy wetters, this one does not cut it. Requires a separate cover (not included), which is another step for diaper changes. It also becomes SOAKING all over, unlike my Sandy?s fitted diapers. So wet that it?s dripping when you take it off ? and I?m not squeamish, but I didn?t like that. The sherpa inner is soft, but doesn?t seem to wick wetness away?.HOWEVER, my baby never complained about the wetness, and that, my friends, deserves a gold star right there! See full review and pictures:

Jill Payne

2014-11-06 12:53:27

Trimmest fitted ever.

The Bummis flannel fitted is by far the trimmest fitted I've come across in more than 3 years of cloth diapering. The prints are beautiful, and they fit well under a variety of covers, both Bummis and other brands (Blueberry, Thirsties, etc). They are so soft and cozy to the touch. My only concern is that I have not found it absorbent enough for my daughter all the time without padding them up enormously. I'm just talking about daytime use, not for night. As long as I time it appropriately (not first change in the morning or first change after a nap) we do much better.

Lesley Hubbard

2014-11-06 09:25:47

A great option to add some variety

We've been using our flannel fitted for about 2 weeks now and so far I'm pleased. It fits my 25 pound, 14 month old son with plenty of room to spare (we actually still have the rise snapped down). I'm using a Bummis SuperLite cover and they pair together like a dream - no adjustments or tucking required. I've had minimal exposure to fitteds in the past and they are certainly growing on me after my experience with this diaper. We've got the hockey print and love it - how Canadian! Thanks for the opportunity to test for you Bummis!


2014-11-05 17:12:41


We only have one of these but I wish we had more! Great fit and excellent absorbency.


2014-11-05 13:59:09


I have been using this diaper for a few weeks now, and I really wanted to like it because it's super cute, and the fit is great on my petit 9 month old. I find however that it is not absorbent enough. While my bamboo diapers pull the moisture into the layers and distribute it, I find with this one when I take it off it is soaked through (usually leaking) in one spot but the rest is completely dry. For my daughter at least it doesn't seem to wick at all. I followed the prepping instructions, and expected it to become more absorbent over time, but I'm disappointed to say it hasn't. Too bad, because my bummis covers have all worked amazingly for me!

Shelby Sweet

2014-11-05 13:42:55

Love this fitted!

We were lucky enough to be selected to be a tester for this fitted, and we fell in LOVE! It is amazing! It's super trim and fits my 25lbs 32.5in tall moderate to heavy wetter like a dream! Even only after 4 washes it was absorbant enough for 2 hours! The print hasn't faded much at all, and still totally adorable! I'll be adding some to my stash for sure.

Serena Abdelaziz

2014-11-05 12:26:36

So cute, So soft, So, so , so

Honestly, I was so honored to be chosen to receive this diaper to review. I am a cloth-diapering mommy of seven, and the difference in cloth diapering 12 years ago and now are still so vastly different. I thought we were so hip back then, but we still only had white diapers. This diaper was so cute, and it was so soft. the description is correct in that it will not do for overnight or a long nap, but the diaper is very trim for a fitted. Most of my fitted diapers I use only at night because they are so thick and bulky that I hate putting them on my daughter as then none of her clothes fit. This is the first fitted diaper that I have tried that meets the trim factor as well as the cute factor. Way to go Bummis! I might just have to order some more.

Tracie La Rue Moen

2014-11-04 14:44:33

very trim fitted

I got this diaper as a tester to review. It is VERY trim. The print faded a little, but nothing much really after around 5 or so washes now. I have the green chevron print.I also got to review their cover - one size simply lite - to wear over this fitted. This diaper does work well. We had one leak when the cover wasn't on quite right and the diaper was VERY full, but otherwise it works great. It doesn't hold as much as my other fitteds, but they have inserts. I think this is a great option for a trim, daytime fitted option. Holds more than my AIOs but less than other fitteds with inserts. So a nice option to have in your drawer. My son just turned 2.


2014-11-04 12:08:49

Fun print, soft fabric, easy to use

Love at first sight. When I opened the package containing the diaper I was immediately struck by the sweet monster print and excited to add such a fun print to my fairly bland diaper stash. The diaper is a breathable, natural fibre and so soft to touch. When at home, my preference is to use natural fibres so I use mostly flats and prefolds. The flannel fitted is an easier-to-use version of my preferred at-home diaper. The flannel is seamless, covering the leg elastics and creating a smooth waistband. Because of this, it is my go-to diaper for nap time. We have used this diaper at night time, adding a bamboo insert for extra absorbency and it worked very well. My husband's favorite type of diapers are fitteds as he loves the ease of use and comfort for baby. We have had NO issues with leaks with this diaper! It fits his legs and waist very well and easily slips under all of our Bummis covers. My only complaint is the price point. It is more expensive compared to other fitteds on the market (example AMP hemp fitted) and is priced comparably to all-in-one diapers. However, because the Flannel Fitted requires a cover, it makes it one of the most expensive diapers on the market. The price point makes it more difficult for me to recommend this diaper to money conscious friends or to add more Flannel Fitteds to my diaper stash. Overall, the Flannel-fitted is a nice compliment to Bummis prefolds because of its ease of use. I am always looking for easy, compact diapers for my diaper bag and when other's are changing baby.


2014-11-03 17:12:45

Adorable and fits well

This is the trimmest fitted I've ever used. It fits both my 4 month old skinny boy and my 2 year old chubby girl well. The flannel is very soft but faded after the first use which was disappointing but not a deal-breaker. I received this as a tester but probably wouldn't buy one otherwise because I use fitteds when I need a high-absorbing diaper, which this is not. The extra step of snapping the fitted on and then the cover makes more work for just a quick daytime change, especially for those who want simplicity in diapering, like my husband. Would be nice for those whose babies get redness with synthetic fabrics against their skin, or perhaps for those whose babies leak in pockets even during the day.


2014-11-02 15:47:18

Flannel fitted

I was really looking forward to trying out this diaper. Once it arrived, the first things I noticed were how trim and lightweight it was, I wasn't sure it was going to be absorbent. However, it is absorbent after several washes. It works well for daytime & frequent changes but wouldn't be ideal for a super soaker. The leg elastic fits baby's skinny legs well which is something I'm always looking for. These work well under all my pul covers without leaks. The prints are adorable but don't look great even after the few washes to prep the diaper for use. The flannel fades and gets pilly. The appearance doesn't bother me since it goes under a cover anyway, but these are definitely not for those who are looking for cute prints that will stay pristine. These are really soft and trim, fit my small baby well and wash up very nicely. I'd recommend them for anyone who is looking for a basic soft,trim fitted diaper and wouldn't be heartbroken about the prints looking worn.

Molly cole

2014-10-27 17:57:33

Flannel fitted

I LOVE this diaper!! It fits amazing! All my covers fit over it very nicely. It fits in pants well and is sufficiently absorbent!! Plus it's super cute. I will definitely be purchasing more. Love the snaps, no extra closure needed. Makes it easier to use for this not familiar with snappi's and such. Love love love. It's so soft with the cotton Sherpa.

Shawna Reed

2014-10-22 14:50:06

What a great trim fitted for daytime!

I was amazed at how trim this fitted was! The Sherpa is so soft, and the flannel print is so cute I don't want to cover it up :) My daughter is very small in size (13.5 lbs at 6 months), and these fit great! They would easily fit a newborn in my opinion. The absorbency has been good thus far - and I am excited to see how these hold up going forward (it's staying in our regular line up for sure) - as the absorbency gets better the more it's washed.

Streeper Family

2014-10-18 06:29:43

Sneeky Amazement

These diapers are quite slim and seem to hold just as much as any bum genius 4.0 or tots bots. I can't wait to get some uses into it to see how the absorption really rallys upwards!


2014-10-06 19:15:51

My review!

When I first received this diaper I was skeptical. However, after prepping and using I found that I really like this fitted. It is growing on me. It is very absorbent and very trim. You also can't beat the price especially in the cute elephant prints!!


2014-10-01 11:13:43

RE: I want to love them, but they're disappointing.

Hi Tandalyn, Thanks for your feedback! These are meant to be a trim daytime fitted and we do recommend a booster for extended use, like night-time diapering. If you have a really heavy-wetter or need to use the diaper for longer periods, we would recommend throwing in a Deluxe Booster or trying out the Dimple Diaper, which is our overnight, super-absorbent fitted.

Tandalyn Szczurek

2014-09-29 10:42:11

I want to love them, but they're disappointing.

I am a huge Bummis fan! They have always fit my kids well, and the quality can't be beat! I wanted to love these fitteds, but they are just not absorbant enough on their own. I think they might be awesome with some type of booster sewn or snapped in like in other fitteds I've seen. I think for the price, these are lacking. I'm disappointed.

Rachel Williams

2014-09-26 22:29:39

trying new fitteds

I love trying new diapers. I have been cloth diapering for 3 years and Bummis products have always fit my children very well. I love the new prints too, so cute.

Evamarie Lema

2014-09-26 15:33:43

Love Bummis

I love using Bummis super brite and super whisper covers and swim diapers. I still need to fill out my stash with fitteds. I use them for nightime with extra inserts and for the morning to allow more air flow without a fear of a morning mess on the carpet!

Christa St-Jean

2014-09-26 09:56:32

Love Bummis!

I have Bummis prefolds and covers, but would love the chance to try these fitteds! We still use disposables at night, so maybe this would be a good alternative!


2014-09-25 14:25:56

Soft, absorbant & trim

Love the prints, and the soft interior. They are trim under covers & clothes but still very absorbent for my lean heavy wetter (9 months, 28 inches & 20 lbs). I like to have my son wear them without a cover at home to give him some extra airflow without fear of pee on the floor. These are also great for my husband because they are easy to put on. I will be buying more for sure!!!

Erika Benn

2014-09-22 09:09:11

Love this!

I just received my fitted flannel in the mail last week and am loving it! Fitted diapers are my favourite diapers to use but I do get a bit discouraged when daughter can't fit into some of her clothes because her bum is SO bulky. However, these diapers are super trim and soft! In a house that rarely uses a dryer, our diapers can sometimes get crunchy. It also held in her runny BF! I will be ordering more for's the one I have been reaching for all week!

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