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one-size10-30+ lbs / 4.5-13.5+ kg

Flannel Fitted

  • 100% organic cotton sherpa interior (made in the USA)

  • cute flannel exterior in a variety of adorable prints

  • super easy to wash - contains no microfibre terry

  • trim yet very absorbent with cross-over tabs and rise snaps for the perfect fit

  • breathable, soft and cozy

  • wide, comfy elastic that sits flat against baby's back

  • fits well with all types of covers (two-size or sized covers may need to go up a size sooner when using fitted diapers)

  • works wonderfully during the day or at night with a Deluxe Booster

  • healthy, eco-friendly & made in Canada from American and imported fabrics

*The Flannel Fitted is available in various girl, boy and unisex prints. Actual fabrics may vary, but will always be fresh and cute!

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Molly cole

2014-10-27 17:57:33

Flannel fitted

I LOVE this diaper!! It fits amazing! All my covers fit over it very nicely. It fits in pants well and is sufficiently absorbent!! Plus it's super cute. I will definitely be purchasing more. Love the snaps, no extra closure needed. Makes it easier to use for this not familiar with snappi's and such. Love love love. It's so soft with the cotton Sherpa.

Shawna Reed

2014-10-22 14:50:06

What a great trim fitted for daytime!

I was amazed at how trim this fitted was! The Sherpa is so soft, and the flannel print is so cute I don't want to cover it up :) My daughter is very small in size (13.5 lbs at 6 months), and these fit great! They would easily fit a newborn in my opinion. The absorbency has been good thus far - and I am excited to see how these hold up going forward (it's staying in our regular line up for sure) - as the absorbency gets better the more it's washed.

Streeper Family

2014-10-18 06:29:43

Sneeky Amazement

These diapers are quite slim and seem to hold just as much as any bum genius 4.0 or tots bots. I can't wait to get some uses into it to see how the absorption really rallys upwards!


2014-10-06 19:15:51

My review!

When I first received this diaper I was skeptical. However, after prepping and using I found that I really like this fitted. It is growing on me. It is very absorbent and very trim. You also can't beat the price especially in the cute elephant prints!!


2014-10-01 11:13:43

RE: I want to love them, but they're disappointing.

Hi Tandalyn, Thanks for your feedback! These are meant to be a trim daytime fitted and we do recommend a booster for extended use, like night-time diapering. If you have a really heavy-wetter or need to use the diaper for longer periods, we would recommend throwing in a Deluxe Booster or trying out the Dimple Diaper, which is our overnight, super-absorbent fitted.

Tandalyn Szczurek

2014-09-29 10:42:11

I want to love them, but they're disappointing.

I am a huge Bummis fan! They have always fit my kids well, and the quality can't be beat! I wanted to love these fitteds, but they are just not absorbant enough on their own. I think they might be awesome with some type of booster sewn or snapped in like in other fitteds I've seen. I think for the price, these are lacking. I'm disappointed.

Rachel Williams

2014-09-26 22:29:39

trying new fitteds

I love trying new diapers. I have been cloth diapering for 3 years and Bummis products have always fit my children very well. I love the new prints too, so cute.

Evamarie Lema

2014-09-26 15:33:43

Love Bummis

I love using Bummis super brite and super whisper covers and swim diapers. I still need to fill out my stash with fitteds. I use them for nightime with extra inserts and for the morning to allow more air flow without a fear of a morning mess on the carpet!

Christa St-Jean

2014-09-26 09:56:32

Love Bummis!

I have Bummis prefolds and covers, but would love the chance to try these fitteds! We still use disposables at night, so maybe this would be a good alternative!


2014-09-25 14:25:56

Soft, absorbant & trim

Love the prints, and the soft interior. They are trim under covers & clothes but still very absorbent for my lean heavy wetter (9 months, 28 inches & 20 lbs). I like to have my son wear them without a cover at home to give him some extra airflow without fear of pee on the floor. These are also great for my husband because they are easy to put on. I will be buying more for sure!!!

Erika Benn

2014-09-22 09:09:11

Love this!

I just received my fitted flannel in the mail last week and am loving it! Fitted diapers are my favourite diapers to use but I do get a bit discouraged when daughter can't fit into some of her clothes because her bum is SO bulky. However, these diapers are super trim and soft! In a house that rarely uses a dryer, our diapers can sometimes get crunchy. It also held in her runny BF! I will be ordering more for's the one I have been reaching for all week!

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