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24 x 24 inches


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Fabulous Wet Bag (large)

  • practical, durable and leak resistant - made with waterproof fabrics and double-seamed on three sides

  • washer and dryer friendly - throw it in with your laundry!

  • versatile - use as a hanging diaper pail, as a pail liner, as a regular laundry bag, or take it camping or boating to protect your clothes and food

  • made with a zipper closure and a drawstring - easy to hang on a doorknob or cinch around a pail

  • makes your cloth diaper routine easier than ever!

  • eco-friendly, non-toxic and made in Canada from fabrics manufactured in the USA

Turn the bag inside out to wash. Wash and dry at normal temperatures and avoid fabric softeners, chlorine bleach, or any other whitening agents.

Manufactured by: Bummis
Made in: Canada

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Lisa Craig

2014-08-14 15:21:23

de-laminated very quickly

The bag de-laminated very quickly (maybe a couple months of use?). I was able to keep using it for a couple more months before the plastic ripped. I really liked the size of the bag (I haven't been able to find one as big) and it kept in scent better than the two bags I bought to replace it.


2013-10-18 20:39:41

Not durable

This bag only lasted about 6 months after going in the wash about 2-3 times a week. The inside lining got torn very quickly and then it accumulates water. Fabric stores now sell PUL fabric so it is much cheaper to make your own wet bags.


2012-06-04 13:05:44

Design flaw in the top

I have had two of these bags in the 2 years since my daughter has been in diapers. I have followed all of the recommended care instructions to a tee, however in both cases, the drawstring has caused the sewing above to tear. I have refused to buy a 3rd bag, as they retail for close to locally in my area, so I have just cut the drawstring out altogether. The sewing is not good at the seams of this bag, and I believe it is due to the material being weak. Once the seams tear, the holes just bigger and bigger and are unable to be resewn unless taken to a professional. I think the drawstring is useless anyhow, and if you took that out altogether you would likely not have the tearing issues along the seams.


2011-10-14 14:30:56

Love this bag!

I looked at a lot of bags when I was looking for a large bag that would function as a diaper pail. I wasn't disappointed by my choice--in fact, I was blown away by how wonderful this bag is! First, I was surprised by how large it was. Even though I knew how big its measurements were, it still surprised me when I unfolded it. I wash diapers every second day, so it can hold a lot! Then, when I used it, I was glad to learn that all the reviews I read saying it keeps the odors in were true. (No more comments from my husband!) It washes and dries wonderfully as well. I recommend this bag to everyone I know who uses cloth diapers. It's amazing! (Plus, I just love that it matches some of my covers! LOL)


2011-01-20 14:38:30

It really is fabulous!

This bag is just fabulous! It is huge. And it really does keep all of the smell in. My husband no longer complains about the nursery smelling like pee-pee! I wash it every other day and it still looks like new. Great product- try it!

Roisin Delaney

2010-12-15 15:55:36

Wonderful Wet Bag

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this wetbag, it's large to hold a few days worth of diapers. (we wash every 2 days). We never have any issues with it. It washes so well. I have since purchased the medium wet bag to have in my diaper bag. I would recommend this wet bag to anyone, it is awesome.

Julie Kieras

2010-09-16 13:42:45

Generously sized bag is amazing

Okay, when they said I won a large wetbag, I was thinking something just a little larger than my Bummis traveling wetbag. But I was amazed to find how roomy this wetbag actually is! I am excited because I know when I have a second baby and am diapering TWO, it will STILL be able to hold all those cloth diapers! Not only that but the construction is sturdy and the fabric is super smooth with their great Super Brite prints. I love this bag! :)

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