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Simply Lite

Comfy and trim one-size wrap. Perfect for prefolds or fitted diapers.

  • lightweight, soft and stretchy

  • super functional

  • easy on your budget

  • easy to clean - just wipe out the interior or throw it in the washing machine

  • easy to use - amazingly adjustable and streamlined with a single row of snaps at the waist

  • trim and fitted - even on the smallest size!

  • sooo comfy - with an elasticized waist for a snug fit around baby's tummy

  • comfortable and softfor all sizes of babies.

  • a trim fit but roomy enough even for the most generous of diapers

  • healthy, eco-friendly & made in Canada from fabrics manufactured in the USA

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Manufactured by: Bummis
Made in: Canada

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Angela Selby

2014-10-27 20:37:03

Nice cover, but I just don't love it.

I've been using the Simply Lite for about 2-3 months now. I was sent one to test with the Dimple Diaper. What do I like about it? I like the stretchiness of this cover. It doesn't look very big, but it stretches all around. I like the colors that this cover is available in. I also really like that for a PUL cover, it's very breathable. I don't feel like it's too constraining on the diaper area. What don't I like? Mainly the front of this diaper. I'm not sure what it is, but I just cannot get a good fit in the front. It wants to sag, and It reveals the diaper underneath. I have to keep pulling it up, in order to avoid the diaper being exposed, which would result in wicking. That is unless I snap it really right. But then the snaps look very stretched out, like it's too tight. I've tried pad folding prefolds. I've tried snappi'ing prefolds. I just cannot get it right. If I pad fold, I get a gap at the tummy on the lowest setting. But the cover is too big on the medium rise setting, and the prefold makes a bulge in the front of the cover. I'm so frustrated that I cannot get a good fit! I also wish that it had thigh snaps, or two rows of waist snaps. I've read lots of reviews on this cover and I haven't seen anyone else complain about these things, so maybe it's just my baby that this doesn't fit right on. I want to like it! I bought the denim dot and the riverstone covers as well, and I love those colors/pattern. I hope these fit my son better as he gets older.


2014-10-25 21:09:19

great cover!

We tried the simply lite cover in Ocean with a dimple dot diaper overnight. The cover itself is a gorgeous blue and it is amazing for long periods of wear as there were no leaks and it was easy to get a great fit. It's the perfect compliment to the dimple dot overnight diaper. I would highly recommend it.

Shelby Sweet

2014-10-20 10:51:08

Quickly a favorite!

I couldn't wait for it to be on the bum! I love the colors so bright, and it's very, very well made! The fit is amazing on my 26lbs 30in tall baby boy. I haven't had any leaks, whatsoever. And the wipeable interior is so nice and soft and not irritating at all! We use this over flats and the bummis flannel fitted, and it works perfectly! Definitely will add more to our stash.

Sarah P.

2014-10-10 12:46:41

Absolute favorite cover

I was sent a simply lite cover to test out, and I MUST praise it from the rooftops - this cover is AMAZING. It's soft, stretchy, comfortable, fits so well (no gaps for leaks), easy to clean, has cute designs? I could go on! I like to use fitted diapers and prefolds on my infant, and until now, have used another brand of covers. I wish I had tried out Bummis covers sooner! They are everything I could want in a diaper cover and more. I'm definitely converting to Bummis from now on - we are so impressed with this cover in my household.


2014-10-10 00:56:46

Simply Lite Cover.

So trim! Super cute print! We use it over our dimple diaper and prefolds. This is our go to PUL cover. It fits both of my boys (23lb 11mo and 27lb 2.5yo) perfectly even though they have different body types. One is thin and the other is hefty. You'll love this cover!


2014-10-02 20:15:19

Amazing for nights!

This is my go to diaper for night time. Fits perfect over the Dinple diaper while keeping everything very trim under my sons PJs (no need to size up anymore). I also love it with the Flannel Fitted or even a prefold during the day. Perfectly trim and great purchase to round out any diaper stash!


2014-10-01 21:52:01

Great cover!

This cover is a great addition to our stash. It is a trim diaper with a good fit for my 14 lb infant boy, however snug for my toddler (works with a prefold, but too small for a fitted). I wish I had it when my son was born. I've tried a lot of different diapers and covers, and the elastics on these are the best. It's also nice to know that they are made in Canada. Plus, the elephant print is too cute for words :)


2014-09-20 20:48:39

All-time Favorite Cover!

The Simply Lite cover is incredible! It immediately became both my husband's and my favorite cover. It's lightweight, breathable, fits like no other - over everything! - and the legs never gap, no matter how huge the night diaper. Color us impressed! Well done, Bummis! :-)


2014-07-20 13:10:24

well made, well designed, runs small

I like this cover. It has better elastic and snaps than the flips and econobum but it runs small. There is no way it would fit the average child til 35 lbs. My 13mo old is 32inches tall and 28 lbs. This cover barely fits so now its only used if all others are still being laundered. Wish It had come out sooner because I would have liked to use it longer. I will save it for the next baby tho.


2014-01-28 12:07:45

Simply Great

My son is growing faster by the day, so the multiple snaps make it easy to adjust according to size. I simply love it!


2014-01-02 22:22:40

Love The Simply Lite

I LOVE the new Simply Lite covers. We started using them 10 days ago when we brought our new little girl home and they are wonderful! We only have Bummis prefolds and covers in this house. The prefolds are going through their 2nd child and we recently added the Simply Lite to our cover collection. The Simply Lite is my new favourite.

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