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Newborn4 - 9 lbs / 2 - 4 kg








Super Brite

  • the perfect newborn wrap!

  • specially designed with an umbilical cord cut-out

  • wipe-clean interior for easy diaper changes

  • very adjustable - overlapping hook & loop closure ensures a close, comfy fit on even teeny tiny newborns

  • soft elastic gussets around the legs for added leak protection

  • super lightweight and trim - not bulky at all!

  • pair with our preemie size ORGANIC COTTON PREFOLDS or purchase a NEWBORN PACK and get diapering!

  • healthy, eco-friendly & made in Canada from fabrics manufactured in the USA

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Manufactured by: Bummis
Made in: Canada

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Lesley Hubbard

2014-11-06 09:31:53

Great value

We've been using Bummis super brite wraps for the past three years. Our original size small covers are still going strong after two children (haven't even replaced the aplix yet). Fit beautifully over Bummis prefolds and the Bummis Flannel Fitted. Leg gussets hold it all in -from newborn ebf poo to our heavy wetting toddlet. Quality is top notch and price can't be beat.

Chrystal S

2014-10-03 13:51:54

You can't go wrong with any Bummi's cover but this is my favorite!

I have at least 10 Bummi's Diaper Cover's. The Super Whisper and Super Brite, they are both great products and I would recommend them to everyone. I wasn't a fan of covers at first. I was in the camp of loving pockets. After a few months of stuffing pockets these covers became my hero! It's so easy to stuff a prefold, flour sack towel, disposable liner, or whatever you choose to put next to your baby's skin. My Husband also prefer's the covers to pockets. We never have any leaks. The major difference between the Super Brite and the Super Whisper is the thickness of the fabric and the fact that the Super Brite has a little interior leg gusset. Leg gussets are wonderful when you have a skinny legged baby or a heavy wetter. Thank you for making such a superior diapering product Bummi's!


2014-02-04 16:08:01

Our favourite by far!

My 20 month old daughter has been in cloth most of her life. We've tried several different types and brands and the super brite w/ a prefold are BY far our favourite. Well made, great protection. I recommend them to everyone. The leg gusset is the key with long skinny babes like mine.


2013-09-29 02:49:28

Love the fit but...

I started with one wrap and the waterproofing separated from the fabric. I got a replacement and in what I feel is a very short time (5 months) it happened again. Only to the Bummis diaper, my other diapers are all fine. I loved the fit of the Bummis over prefolds, most of my other diapers were too trim to cover a bulky prefold.


2013-09-02 16:36:46

Separating wrap

I love your diapers but these wraps in green always separate. We have three different ones that have separated. But only in green. Is this common? Was there a bad batch of green ones?


2012-12-29 23:31:01

Perfect for preemies!

Our baby came home from the NICU weighing a tiny 4lbs4oz. These are the first dapers she wore and they fit her perfectly! She is over 7lbs now and the newborn size still fits her well with lot of room for growth. These are great covers with great protection (and very cute too!).


2012-10-03 05:01:13

Amazing and longlasting

My 18 month old girl has been diapered with SuperBrites since she was about 3 weeks old. We've tried other wrap brands, but nothing's held up as well. My size smalls are now ready to be reused by my next baby, due in a few months. They're still in great shape! Fabulous value to this product.

Lis Freemantle

2012-05-04 11:19:49

Fave Wrap so far

This is my go to wrap for my 6lb 5 oz newborn. I love how easy it goes on and how trim it fits. This is the only cover that fitted perfect from day one and he has never blown out of.


2011-12-30 10:11:00

Great Diapers

My son is 6 months and I've been cloth diapering him for about 5.5 months. I love it! The Bummis Super Brite Diaper covers are fantastic. I love the gussets, as they help keep the leaks at bay. We bought the Bummis Pre-fold kit, and have never looked back - we do have to use doublers, as my son is a big wetter though. Thank you Bummis for such a great product!

Katie S

2011-05-10 15:57:23

Great Quality

The quality of this cover is excellent. I think that compared to the Thirsties cover, the Bummis cover seems a bit thicker and more "sturdy". The trim around the gussets is soft and wide so it won't dig into baby. I love that they are sized so that you don't have to deal with extra bulk and I also prefer Velcro to snaps for getting a perfect fit, and especially for changing diapers in the middle of the night. The velcro on this cover is very strong and sturdy also. The quality is great!


2011-04-08 21:03:51

small enough

this is the only cover/diaper that fits my daughter right now and doesnt give her a horrible front butt look! she was born at 5lbs 6oz and once her cord fell off (now at 5lbs 11oz) its my favorite thing to put her in!

Suliana Abdul Aziz

2011-03-31 08:14:28

Super Brite

I love these covers! I bought 2 of these from an online store before my daughter was born. When the covers arrived, I thought that they were too small! However they fit perfectly with the preemie/newborn Bummis organic prefolds. My daughter was born at 36 weeks and was small-for-dates, weighing merely 1.9kg, a little over 4 pounds. Bummis Super Brite turned out to be the perfect diaper cover for my long and lean baby. The prefolds are great too- super soft and super absorbent. My baby is now 6 weeks old and 2.5kg/ 5.7pounds. After repeated washes the prefolds have become even softer and more absorbent. The newborn covers still fit perfectly on her, and so far there has been no leaks at all. The covers are easy to wash and dry quickly (I don't put the covers in the dryer). I've since purchased two more super brites in newborn size and 2 more in small (to add to the infant Bummis diaper kit that I also purchased online). I'm planning to use these for my next kid as well!!


2011-03-24 17:07:18

Love the small size for my premie

I had bought a few different covers before my baby was born. He ended up being 4 weeks early and less than 6 pounds. The one size covers I had worked, but were so bulky on him. Then I found these which come in the 4-9 pound size. They work great on him. I use them with the bummis 4-9 pound size prefolds. Much better fit for him. My only complaint is that most of the patterns look girly. I ordered a green one and a plain white one. Wish there were more boyish prints.

Kelly Pepper

2011-03-18 21:54:35

super bright

Been using them for about a week and so far I LOVE them. Very easy to use and clean. Most definitely plan on getting more.


2011-02-21 15:44:35

Wonderful Product

We cloth diapered both our boys. I found the easy and best things to use was bummies. Fast east and everyone around me looking after my boys learned to use them fast. Best choice we ever made. We did test out other types. But non came close in price or use.


2011-01-06 18:20:42

Love it!

This is a great wrap - I love the new colors. I love the gussets and the wide velcro and laundry tabs. I have used Thirsties covers as well, and this one seems a bit sturdier waterproof fabric and a little "crinkly". But the outside is soft to the touch, not plasticy, and I think it's going to hold up VERY well.


2010-12-18 13:54:03

Great Wrap!

I have tried the Flip, Thirsties Duo wrap and the SuperBrite, all with prefolds. The SuperBrite is by far my favorite! The fabric and velcro both seem to be a very high quality. This cover feels like it will last a long time and the sizing seems to be very generous. My daughter is almost three months old and weighs 14 pounds and fits very nicely into the small and it has lots of room to grow! I love this wrap!

Jessica Gonzalez

2010-12-15 20:46:13

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap review

I used a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap for a diaper cover for my newborn and I have to admit, I liked it more than using the AIOs. It was very easy to use and fit my little buggie perfect. h only other brand I used was Lite Wrap and the Bummis blew them away! Bummis is much more flexible than the other.I would recommend them!!

Kelly B

2010-12-10 00:11:10

Love the Super Brite

We have been using both the SB and the SWW over Bummis organic prefolds and Bamboozles for about 8 months. I love both covers. The SB is great for reusing since it has exposed laminate on the inside. The gussets are great and give a nice secure fit without being to tight. I love that the cover works so well over a thick heavy prefold for overnight or a lighter one for daytime and never leaks. Just bought one of each of the new prints, they are adorable!


2010-07-28 13:51:45


We use this cover for our 15 month old son, we LOVE it!!!!!!!! Def my favorite~


2010-06-21 22:55:33

love this cover!

This is by far my favorite wrap, and I have a few different brands. I have been using it for 4 months now, washing several times a week, and it is still holding up great! I prefer to Snappi my prefolds, and this cover fits great!


2010-06-18 15:35:16

Super Brite = super awesome!!

I bought this cover to go over my hemp fitted diapers, hoping for a solution to my son's overnight leaking & seeping. I was so impressed with the performance of the Super Brite that I went out & bought 4 more so that I would always have one at the ready. The fit is amazing - no leaking ever, and my son is a super heavy wetter. Great work on an amazing product!


2010-05-12 08:59:28

Great product...although issues with the velcro

I am a loyal user of Bummis Super Brites and Super Whisper Wraps with my 8 month old twins. The Super Brites fit especially well on my long and lean baby girls. We very rarely have leaks. I do have one complaint - the velcro has started to loose its adhesion (the loops are wearing out) and sometimes the covers are coming undone. I'll be trying the Super Snaps as we move up to size medium.

Olivia Barron

2010-04-24 16:46:28

Great over chubby babies too!

Both my boys are chubby and heavy wetters and I love these covers. They fit them well over any diaper and actually fit better over my Mother-ease diapers then the mother-ease covers do! I have never had a leak even when the prefold, fitted diaper, or insert is saturated. Thanks Bummis!

Amanda P

2010-04-22 13:32:36

Super Brites

I LOVE THESE!! they are by far my favorite cover and i grab them first all the time. the gussets are great on them and help contain the breastfed poo so well! they work great over prefolds. and also over fitted diapers. i have not found a diaper i can't put the cover over. it's so hard to pass up all the super brite colors too! my favorites are the blue and pink!!

Amy O'Connor

2010-03-09 22:57:52

Super Brite

I love the Super Brite cover! It is so cute. The only problem for me being the Velcro on a toddler but I'm hoping she may forget about it before long. She is a small, skinny girl and the fit is just great! I am looking into getting more Bummis products!

Christina M

2010-02-20 16:47:00

Bummis super brites.

We love these covers! We have thirsties but I prefer using bummis our babies are skinny and long and the fit perfect. The leg gussets are a very nice touch! Bravo bummis for creating a great diaper cover!

Hannah Hoover

2009-09-20 20:33:32

Super Brite vs Super Whisper

I have one of each of the Super Brite and Super Whisper, my husband brought them home to me a few days ago. I love them both. They are very easy to use and clean up easy. We are both very pleased with them and are planning on buying more when she gets to the next size. The leg fitting on the Super Brite is wonderful for preventing leaks!

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