About Snazzipants

Distributor of Bummis Products in New Zealand



I was born in England but emigrated to New Zealand at the age of three, so consider myself an honourary New Zealander. With a degree in history, I was teaching before the birth of my son in 2003. I was determined to use cloth nappies for budget reasons, but I soon found the choices in New Zealand to be very limited (in a leaky kind of way!). I credit my discovery online of Bummis covers to be the turning point that began my passion (or perhaps obsession) with reusable nappies.

I began my company Snazzipants in my first year of motherhood, and formed a business partnership with my Mum, Maria, which has enabled our business to grow alongside my two children. We worked entirely from home in the early days sharing the childcare with the business, before expanding into retail and distribution in 2008. For us it has been the perfect solution, working together with family on a business that is eco-friendly. The health and environmental information I unearthed in the search for great nappies totally convinced me that my new role was to spread the word and convert the world to cloth!

New Zealanders have embraced the return of reusable nappies, and I have been proud to represent Bummis and encourage that change to help preserve our beautiful green country.

Pippa Jinks