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Newborn Pack

Great for preemies too!

A practical new pack for tiny babies: the NEWBORN PACK.

Tiny nappies for tiny babies! Wrap your newborn bundle in soft and comfy organic cotton.

This lovely little pack makes it easy to start off the best way - with your newborn in cloth nappies right from the start. In fact they are so easy to use and wash that you will wonder what all the fuss is about! The NEWBORN PACK bridges the gap from birth to one-size or size small diapers. No need to wait for baby to reach 8, 9 or 10 pounds to start using them – this combination of prefold insert and wrap is an affordable and effective 2-piece nappy that really fits and really works for tiny newborns, preemies and multiples.

And the great thing is that once your baby grows out of these inserts they can be used as an inexpensive and practical liner with any nappy – they are cost-effective and versatile!

Included in the pack are one dozen beautiful and soft organic cotton prefold inserts and two of our perfect-fitting newborn wraps. Packaged simply and beautifully – this is a great gift item for new parents!

Fits babies from 5-9 lbs (2.25-4.25 kg).

Folding and washing instructions are included.

Why Prefolds?

How to Fold a Prefold Insert (pdf)

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2013-06-07 14:33:20

PERFECT for our little guy

Not knowing how big our baby would be, we bought the Bummis newborn pack and they have been awesome. We still use disposables for late night changings, but these prefold and covers are perfect for day time use. Our son was 6 and a half pounds when we brought him home and started using these diapers. He is now over 9 pounds (5 weeks later) and just starting to outgrow them. The covers provided in this pack are Adorable!!! I love posting pictures of him in these! I'm not sure what to start using next, as the next size prefolds are huge and bulky on our little guy, and the pocket/AIO diapers we have on hand are still too big for him. Guess it's time to start the trial-and-error phase......


2012-09-14 13:33:33

Great for the first weeks

We used Bummis Newborn pack for our daughter, and they worked well. We did however require TWO packs and still did laundry every single day, and we also needed extra covers. She did soak through them a few times, and we had the odd poop-explosion, but that was likely our fault with the folding - just beware of the possibility! Our daughter is now into her bigger diapers, but we still use some of the prefolds to tuck under her during diaper changes to absorb mid-change pees (easier than changing the mat) and as overnight doublers for her other diapers. She only used them for about 3 weeks and they were still less expensive than disposables would have been, and thats before we lend most of the set to friends who are expecting. Bottom line: yes we would recommend them (get at least 2 packs and at least 1 other cover, and a set of Snappies to make it easy).

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