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Size 18-20 lbs / 4-9 kg
Size 220-35 lbs / 9-16 kg





Elephant Tales

Duo-Brite Wrap

  • the perfect wrap, in two adjustable sizes

  • soft, tummy-hugging elastic at the waist & comfy gussets for added leak protection

  • wipe-clean interior

  • very trim fit under clothes

  • versatile - fits over prefolds, fitted diapers and more.

  • forms the innovative DUO-BRITE ALL-IN-TWO DIAPER when paired with the DUO-BRITE INSERT

  • looking for the perfect newborn wrap? check out the Duo-Brite's cute little cousin, the SUPER BRITE

  • healthy, eco-friendly & made in Canada from fabrics manufactured in the USA


Manufactured by: Bummis
Made in: Canada with fabrics made in the USA

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Kimberly A. Houle

2014-07-28 18:22:16


I like the elephant tails!

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