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Bummis All-in-One Diaper

The Bummis All-in-One is our easiest to use diaper!

No stuffing, no snapping in of inserts and no folding - simply adjust it to the size of your baby and snap it on. When soiled, remove and store in a FABULOUS WET BAG until you are ready to throw it into the washing machine.

A beautifully TRIM diaper with incredible absorption, thank to ultra-performing fabrics made to our specifications, that absorb rapidly and hold lots of liquid!

Our unique interior pocket:

  • Allows you to choose whether to put organic cotton or a stay-dry fabric against your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Enables you to add more absorbance simply by adding an insert for nighttime diapering or heavy wetters.
  • Makes it easy to wash out clean and dry fast simply by inverting the diaper! No hidden layers that will trap smelly residues.

The organic cotton fabric on the interior of the diaper is designed to shrink slightly during the first washes and create a natural gusset for a secure and leak proof fit.

  • Comfortable, secure fitting and stretchy elastic around baby’s legs.
  • Solid snaps of extraordinary quality!

In short – this diaper is the result of almost 30 years of experience in making diapers that really work! We think you will love it.

Made with love by Bummis in our factory in Canada using fabrics manufactured in Canada and the USA. Free of lead, phthalates and BPA.


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Manufactured by: Bummis
Made in: Canada

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H Bast

2016-12-08 07:39:59

Not a fan

We bought one of these to try when my daughter was abouta month old, and I'm glad we only bought one. Leaks, leaks, leaks- straight through. Every. Single. Time. I've tried using it again as she ages, thinking maybe it was due to poor fit. She's now 6 months and it still leaks like crazy. I've taken it out of my rotation. Very disappointed.

April Duffy

2016-03-16 14:23:29

This Diaper is Just Too Good!

Even after cloth diapering for several months now, and making a point of testing and washing several types and brands of cloth diapers, Bummis' new all-in-one is the very first diaper I just can't keep clean?meaning as soon as it's washed and dry, I'm putting it on the bum because it's so fantastic in every way! Seriously, the whole family loves this diaper. I love that whether it's a long car ride, a shopping trip that went a little long, or an unexpected nap (they do happen, sometimes) this diaper is super-absorbent and leak-free so I don't have to worry. My little girl really appreciates the stay-dry layer option, as she hates to feel wet at all. And Daddy loves how easy this diaper is to use and throw in the wash. I've already purchased more!


2016-03-14 18:36:20

AIO diaper

I LOVE how roomy it is, still, on my nearly 40 pounder boy! It adjusts to fit him perfectly, even when I added some extra fluff to help with sleeping time absorbancy. I cannot say I'd change much of anything really, it's one of the best designs I have ever seen and used!

Caroline Mazurek

2016-03-14 14:01:32

Love this AIO!

We really love this diaper. It's super absorbent (I haven't had a single leak...and my son is a heavy wetter!), soft, and not too bulky. I love that the attached insert can be folded for more absorption in the front. The natural fabric does take awhile to dry, but that's to be expected, especially with an AIO. Overall, we will be acquiring more of these, as they're one of our favorites!

Brittany Crews

2016-03-10 22:56:27

AIO Diaper

This is a great diaper. I love that there is the organic and stay dry option. It fits both my 2 year old and 4 month old really well. Its also a great option for nighttime or naptime diaper! It does take longer to dry than other diapers, but its understandable and not too big of a deal.


2016-03-10 16:06:57

New AIO diaper

This is my go to diaper for when I'm going to be out and about because I know there will be no leaks. My boy is getting big, 31 lbs, and still fits great. Which I can't say for other brands so this has been a lifesaver til we potty train which will happen after i recover from csection with baby sister!

Patricia Eisner

2016-03-10 08:38:40

AIO diaper

I really like this diaper! It is cute and very well constructed. The inner material is so soft and very absorbant. It is very easy to wash and take care of. It is a bit bulky but still a very nice diaper. I would love to have more of these, and I will definitely recommend them to anyone I know who is using or considering using cloth.

samantha ratajczak

2016-03-09 22:55:38

Amazing night time diaper.

This is my new night time solution. I have struggled for awhile to find a good absorbent diaper. With having a bigger boy, we needed something that was not going to be too bulky and this was perfect. He was able to go all night in this diaper with no added absorbency. The elastics are great and work really well for bigger babies. This diaper is super trim as well for during the day.The inside is so soft. I would recommend this diaper to everyone too try. Especially if you are looking for a diaper that works for all size babies and for night time.

Andrea Stewart

2016-03-09 17:02:36

My new favorite diaper!!

I absolutely love Bummis' new AIO diaper! It's incredibly absorbent, and so well made. The PUL is nice and thick, and feels such good quality. There are several snaps, so it's easy to adjust to the perfect size, and the snaps seem to be better than most name brand diapers I have. I love the option of choosing whether to have the organic cotton or stay-dry against the skin, and the attached flap that agitates out in the wash makes this super easy to wash and dry! If I could, I'd replace my entire stash with these!!!

Jacqueline Balzen

2016-03-09 14:52:41

AIO review

I have nothing but positive reviews about this diaper. First off, I LOVE how you can tuck the flap into the pocket or just lay it on top. It also gives room to add more absorbency. I love the material it's made of. I've found it to be really absorbent. The snaps are one of my favrlite features. The snaps are durable and sturdy and easy to unsnap!! The fit of this diaper is super trim. It's hard to find diapers that are both absorbent and trim, Bummis AIO is just that! I accidentally used it as a nighttime diaper. I changed my daughter around 7pm and she fell asleep at 730pm. It lasted a whole 9 hours! I'm blown away because that never happens. I am so pleased with this diaper and how great it is in every aspect. I look forward to adding more of these to my stash :)

Jackie A

2016-02-18 16:16:39

New favorite AIO!

This diaper is incredibly well-made. It's genius. Elastics on the edges to hold all the messes you can imagine. So soft and two fabric options at the switch of a flap- gentle, natural fibers or moisture wicking synthetics. Dries very quickly, comes very clean, and fits extremely TRIM! My go-to that I find myself saving for special occasions! Wish I could afford to have my whole stash made up of these.


2016-02-17 16:09:28

Super soft and luxurious!

I have been using this diaper for about a month now and it is amazing. Not only is it very absorbent with a great fit but the inside is also super soft. I have tried a bunch of brands and this is the only one that stays soft after repeated line drying. Great all around diaper!


2016-02-17 14:14:54

Aio review

I've been lucky enough to test out this new AIO diaper and I have to say, I love it. It's a little bulky on my tiny girl right now, but the exceptional absorbency more than makes up for it. I've got a whole stash of TotsBots easy fits, and while I like them a lot, this new AIO beats it on all counts. Unless my baby girl poops at night,we don't get up to change her (we cosleep, no judgements please) and I've had zero leaks with this diaper, even without a booster. It fits well, washes and dries well, and contains all bodily fluids. While I've already got about 30 diapers, I'll probably add 2-3 more of these to my stash for nighttime. I'd highly recommend to anybody looking to build up their stash.


2016-02-09 18:12:08

AIO diaper

This diaper is absolutely awesome! Having tried many cloth diapers in the last 4 years, I can recommend this one without any hesitation! Great quality, excellent absorption, perfect fit, easy to clean - and it makes for a very cute cloth diapered bum! (translated)


2016-01-28 11:35:48


This is my trusted diaper for a long trip! So absorbent and comfy and so easy to use. (And she wrote more!) This diaper is wonderful. Ultra-simple to use, and exceptionally absorbent. This is my safe bet if I have a long drive ahead of me and I don't want to have any leaks! (translated)

Stephanie P

2016-01-28 11:11:12

The new AIO

My favorite AIO is made in Quebec. I am so proud! :) You seriously need to try it! (And she wrote more!) I am so impressed by the new AIO diaper by Bummis/Mini Kiwi! I love how absorbent it is, how perfectly it fits my chubby baby, how easy it is to wash - and most of all the fact that it is a quality product made here in Québec! I will recommend this new diaper to all my friends. (translated)

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