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Flannel Fitted

  • 100% organic cotton sherpa interior (made in the USA)

  • cute flannel exterior in a variety of adorable prints

  • super easy to wash - contains no microfibre terry

  • trim yet very absorbent with cross-over tabs and rise snaps for the perfect fit

  • breathable, soft and cozy

  • wide, comfy elastic that sits flat against baby's back

  • fits well with all types of covers (two-size or sized covers may need to go up a size sooner when using fitted diapers)

  • works wonderfully during the day or at night with a Deluxe Booster

  • healthy, eco-friendly & made in Canada from American and imported fabrics

*The Flannel Fitted is available in various feminine, masculine and unisex prints. Actual fabrics may vary, but will always be fresh and cute!

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Shawna Reed

2014-10-22 14:50:06

What a great trim fitted for daytime!

I was amazed at how trim this fitted was! The Sherpa is so soft, and the flannel print is so cute I don't want to cover it up :) My daughter is very small in size (13.5 lbs at 6 months), and these fit great! They would easily fit a newborn in my opinion. The absorbency has been good thus far - and I am excited to see how these hold up going forward (it's staying in our regular line up for sure) - as the absorbency gets better the more it's washed.

Streeper Family

2014-10-18 06:29:43

Sneeky Amazement

These diapers are quite slim and seem to hold just as much as any bum genius 4.0 or tots bots. I can't wait to get some uses into it to see how the absorption really rallys upwards!


2014-10-06 19:15:51

My review!

When I first received this diaper I was skeptical. However, after prepping and using I found that I really like this fitted. It is growing on me. It is very absorbent and very trim. You also can't beat the price especially in the cute elephant prints!!


2014-10-01 11:13:43

RE: I want to love them, but they're disappointing.

Hi Tandalyn, Thanks for your feedback! These are meant to be a trim daytime fitted and we do recommend a booster for extended use, like night-time diapering. If you have a really heavy-wetter or need to use the diaper for longer periods, we would recommend throwing in a Deluxe Booster or trying out the Dimple Diaper, which is our overnight, super-absorbent fitted.

Tandalyn Szczurek

2014-09-29 10:42:11

I want to love them, but they're disappointing.

I am a huge Bummis fan! They have always fit my kids well, and the quality can't be beat! I wanted to love these fitteds, but they are just not absorbant enough on their own. I think they might be awesome with some type of booster sewn or snapped in like in other fitteds I've seen. I think for the price, these are lacking. I'm disappointed.

Rachel Williams

2014-09-26 22:29:39

trying new fitteds

I love trying new diapers. I have been cloth diapering for 3 years and Bummis products have always fit my children very well. I love the new prints too, so cute.

Evamarie Lema

2014-09-26 15:33:43

Love Bummis

I love using Bummis super brite and super whisper covers and swim diapers. I still need to fill out my stash with fitteds. I use them for nightime with extra inserts and for the morning to allow more air flow without a fear of a morning mess on the carpet!

Christa St-Jean

2014-09-26 09:56:32

Love Bummis!

I have Bummis prefolds and covers, but would love the chance to try these fitteds! We still use disposables at night, so maybe this would be a good alternative!


2014-09-25 14:25:56

Soft, absorbant & trim

Love the prints, and the soft interior. They are trim under covers & clothes but still very absorbent for my lean heavy wetter (9 months, 28 inches & 20 lbs). I like to have my son wear them without a cover at home to give him some extra airflow without fear of pee on the floor. These are also great for my husband because they are easy to put on. I will be buying more for sure!!!

Erika Benn

2014-09-22 09:09:11

Love this!

I just received my fitted flannel in the mail last week and am loving it! Fitted diapers are my favourite diapers to use but I do get a bit discouraged when daughter can't fit into some of her clothes because her bum is SO bulky. However, these diapers are super trim and soft! In a house that rarely uses a dryer, our diapers can sometimes get crunchy. It also held in her runny BF! I will be ordering more for's the one I have been reaching for all week!

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