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super whisper wrap circus
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Newborn7 - 10 lbs / 3 - 5 kg
Small8 - 15 lbs / 3.6 - 7 kg
Medium15 - 30 lbs / 7 - 14 kg
Large30 lbs / 14 kg
X-Large (White only)40 lbs / 18 kg


Super Whisper Wrap - White
SWW Russian Dolls
Russian Dolls
SWW Forest Animals
Forest Animals



Big City
Super Whisper Wrap Froggy Pond
Froggy Pond

Super Whisper Wrap

  • very adjustable - high quality hook & loop closures with an innovative overlap design ensure a custom fit

  • soft piping around hook & loop protects baby's belly

  • the medium size has rise snaps for a more precise fit during the transition between sizes

  • available in a variety of iconic prints

  • durable elastic around legs and tummy

  • waterproof laminate is sandwiched between two layers of polyester, for added durability (durable enough to withstand industrial washing!)

  • soft, smooth knit bindings for a comfy, stretchy fit and leak-protection

  • fold-back wash tabs protect laundry from rogue hook & loop closures

  • generous cut - suitable for any type of diaper, including flats, prefolds & fitteds

  • healthy, eco-friendly & made in Canada from fabrics made in the USA

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2016-03-30 22:10:15

Longest lasting diaper cover!

I bought a few of these in medium at a second hand store 10 years ago for my daughter. She wore them for a couple years and then my son wore them for a couple years and they're still holding up great so now that my son needs large covers I've ordered these again. We've had a few other brands of covers less than half that time that have worn through the fabric and the elastic so have gone. I also love that these are sized! It's not easy finding covers large enough to fit over my toddlers giant nighttime fitteds. I had a hard time finding a size large that came in prints though.

Michelle Kobzik

2015-05-01 14:40:22

Love them

Love these covers. We got them as a hand me down from my sister in law and they work amazing. They've seen a lot of use and the Velcro still functions well although sometimes comes undone in the washer but it's not a big deal. We've had lots of poop explosions in these diapers and they've held them well. I've never had them leak... yet! Super easy to refill too. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to use cloth diapers.


2015-04-04 11:30:05

Great covers

I was lucky enough to find a mom silly enough to sell her cloth diaper stash and these are the covers I now have. They at awesome. While I try to remember to hang them to dry, that doesn't always happen. We are well into our second year (after them having been used exclusively by the other mom for her one child) and they are holding strong- no leaks, no stains, and very comfortable looking. Love them!


2015-01-25 02:47:54

xl needs prints and these would be perfect

i am special needs and i wear these for nighttime over my pampers baby dry size 6, and they keep it snug and secure, so there are no leaks. i would especially like to wear something other than white though, but i am happy they keep my bed dry nonetheless.


2014-11-21 23:56:55

Best Cover I have Used

I have used these covers for both my babies, some of my small covers I bought used and they are currently on their 5th child, I love thing that are made well and last. I love the Super Whisper Wrap and have tries lots of other varieties but I always fall back on these. For night time changes I prefer the hook and loop closures to the snaps.

Jessica Wyrick

2014-10-30 20:32:56


This has to be my most favorite cover EVER! I LOVE the sandwiched PUL! It just feels so durable and like it'd be much more comfortable to wear than the regular 1 layered PUL with the poly exposed to the skin. This is the single one and only hook and loop cover my 2 & 1 year old boys love and don't take off! It fits them both perfectly even with their different body types. The medium size also comes with snap-down rise option that is great! Seriously, I would love to make these our only covers and hopefully will be able to at some point. Thank you for making the most wonderful cover ever, BUMMIS!!!!


2014-10-18 10:56:49

First hook & loop cover I've actually liked

As the title suggests, we're hardcore snap lovers around here. We've really only used H&L for newborns, where the frequent nighttime changings really benefit from something quickly customizable that we can do in the dark while half-asleep, haha. I was a bit leery of using H&L on our very active 15-month-old, as she's a diaper escape artist - even through a bodysuit! Lo and behold, I was very pleasantly surprised! This is some strong H&L, and she leaves it alone after the first couple of attempts - score! Plus, it seems to be much better quality than the others we've tried: no pilling, the laundry tabs actually work - no diaper chain in the wash! - and it's still as sticky as the day we got it 2 months ago, after pretty constant use. As our daughter is in between snap settings on many of our other diapers and covers right now, this one is our current go-to (along with the AMAZING Simply Lite - seriously, if you haven't tried one, do so ASAP!) for a perfect, leak-free fit. It's thick enough to keep her clothes dry overnight, but breathable enough that she's never gotten a rash - even when she's slept 15 hrs. and awakened with a dripping-wet diaper! Our 2.5 yo son is day-trained but has started having accidents again at night, so we put a cover over his undies overnight to minimize the laundry, and he asks for this one every time. He loves the fit, and the fact that he can easily take it off to go potty in the night and get it back on. Plus, he tells us all the time how much he loves the frog pattern: "It's my favorite cover 'cause it's so cool!" We've all become huge fans of Bummis, and are so pleased that such effective, well-designed diapering solutions are made right here in North America. They've fast become our favorite brand. Very well done, Bummis!


2014-10-10 12:41:55

Great fitting cover!

I have the Big City cover for my boy. It looks great and fits great. He wears the medium (he's 24 pounds) and it's fits wonderfully over prefolds and fitted diaper. I especially like it paired with the new Dimple Diaper. I use this pair at night and NEVER have leaks in the morning. My son is a heavy wetter, so its a wonderful thing. :)

Chrystal S

2014-10-03 13:43:10

Most Waterproof Cover Ever!

I'm now in my 2nd size of these wonderful covers. I got them first when my daughter was a size small and now I am in the size mediums. You know it has to be a great product if you buy it again when there are so many choices out in the cloth diaper arena. I absolutely love these covers for night time. You can use a prefold, flour sack towel, or whatever you choose to stuff your cover with and it will stay firmly in place with no leaks. For overnights, I recommend pairing it with the Dimple Diaper. You will get at least 5 hours of uninterrupted leak free sleep. Thank you Bummis!


2014-10-02 20:10:02


I love this cover! I have used the newborn, small & medium size. They are trim and stain resistant, but also have enough structure that they are my favourite cover to use with prefolds. I like that the medium covers have a snap down rise for the transition phase to medium covers. I have at least one of every print as well because they are so cute. Overall, great fit, function & price!

Christina Kannenberg

2014-07-15 18:14:01

Wears out on 2nd child

My first child used the Lady Bug Super Whisper Wrap for a year in Medium size, and now my 2nd child has been in them for a year (in rotation with 6 other covers, all from Bummis, with prefolds). All of the "hook and loop" (velcro) closure covers are now wearing out. Quite disappointed as the rest of the cover is still fine. The velcro does not stick, diaper falls down. Would definitely only buy snap closures in the future. We always line dry the covers.


2013-05-11 18:37:20

So cute! So stain resistant! Best diaper covers by far!!!

I have now tried at least a half dozen brands of diaper covers and well over a dozen "models" and Super Whisper Wraps are hands down the most durable and stain resistant. I handwash my covers and no matter what they keep looking as fresh and new as the day I bought them. Brilliant!


2012-06-26 20:03:19

The Best Diaper Covers Available!

The Bummis Super Whisper Wrap is by FAR the best diaper cover available, in my opinion. My one request would be to see more print options from Bummis. I would buy them up!!


2011-11-17 13:03:13

Great but...

We bought these as part of a package deal. The size small worked great & we are now moving up to size medium. We had 4 cover in rotation for 3 months & the loop strip had completely worn out. We line dried but it still wore out, the hook strips don't stick at all any more. I was hoping to be able to use these for our second child & I'm pretty disappointed that I have to buy another set of covers. Other than that they worked great, never leaked at all & fit great from day one. I may buy them again only in snaps instead.


2011-06-28 12:14:38

Super durable!!

We received my dear friend's cloth diaper stash as a hand-me-down after her two children were out of diapers. In the stash were 4 Bummis super whisper wraps in size Small. They had already been through two children from birth to potty training and have now been used by my son for 13 months and you'd never know it! The waterproof fabric has held up EXTREMELY well. I dry and hang mine about 50/50 but I'm pretty sure my friend dried hers pretty much 100% of the time. The velcro tabs are frayed but still grip like new. The only obvious wear is to the loop part of the velcro that is sewn to the wrap itself - it was pulling on some wraps when I received them and after a few months became to become separated from the wrap. A quick run through my sewing machine re-fasted the tabs and they are now good as new. Another comment I will make regarding the size - for my baby at least, they last for MUCH longer than the pound range they offer on the site. My son is 13 months and 21 lbs. and still wearing the smalls. We use ours with Kissaluvs fitteds and the rise is rather low compared to prefolds, so we have no problem with the low rise of the small cover. They are *just* now becoming a little snug around the legs and we may move up to a medium soon. If your child is on the border of a size, I would go with the smaller size. We are very pleased with how long these have lasted and how great they work at keeping out leaks :)


2011-05-18 10:40:39

The Infant Diaper Kit

I just finished using the Infant Diaper Kit with my now 15-lb 3-month old son. Overall I was very pleased with these diapers and have graduated on to the "Baby" size. My feedback for those looking to purchase the Infant Kit is as follows. Although they say you can put the covers in the dryer, I would hang them. The Whisper Wraps are definitely more durable in the dryer but the Super Brites are looking a little worse for wear (even when you fasten the velcro it comes slightly undone or catches on other parts of the covers). I purchased 3 extra diaper covers to go with the kit and definitely used the snappy otherwise I would have had to change the cover with each diaper change as my little guy was quite the pooper. With 24 diapers I was doing the wash every other day so if you're looking to prolong washes, buy some extra prefolds. I found hanging to dry amazing for getting rid of stains and now hate doing the wash on rainy days! If I could I probably would have bought all SWW instead of SB as they seemed to fit better even when the baby was smaller and not so chunky.


2011-02-15 02:38:19

Great Investment!

I purchsed and used two size small Bummis in 2000 for my 3rd daughter, and now am using those same two covers for my 4th daughter. They still work just as great as they did when I first bought them! They are the first covers I reach for when changing my baby!

Jazz Slater

2010-08-29 17:42:03

Great Buy For New Cloth Diaperer

I really like the Bummi kit I recieved. My son is 15 months and I was skeptical about switching to cloth now but decided to give it a try. It works great and I wish I would have used them from the begininng. And it is really the same idea as a hybrid which I was considering but at less cost. Great Buy. I would love to see some solid colors.


2010-08-19 10:29:20

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

I changed to these because, although I loved the way Thirsties were made but found they ran small, they fit my extra large (not fat) 17 month son. We use birdseye cotton diapers and I am able to double them up and these wraps are roomy enough for that. He lasts through his nap without leaks. I think some people have found these wraps leak because perhaps the leg holes gap more on some babies. My son was almost 10 pounds at birth and has been a super big/tall boy ever since. His legs fill the leg holes on these and we have never had any leaks. The frog pattern is very cute. We are very glad that there are diaper wraps for larger toddlers, so they will get my large son through until potty training.


2010-07-28 13:55:16

Like It

It's a wonderful cover, although I do like the SB a little better. I have three of each and love them all!

Atije Booth

2010-07-07 20:22:03


The best cover ever! PLEASE come out with a boy print that is as cute as the flower girlie print. Robots or Blue and Green Polka Dots perhaps?


2010-05-24 16:47:59

2 thumbs up!

The Bummis Super Whisper Wrap is AMAZING! I have tried three other cloth diapers, and this one is the best BY FAR! I really which there were some more cute styles, because I would buy them! It cleans easily. It does not leak. It fits comfortably. I can hand wash it and hang dry it. They are super cute, and very affordable. I own 5, and hardly ever run out. I would buy three more, and might, if they come out with some new styles or colors. I use the g diaper cloth inserts (one layer fleece, one layer a cotton-hemp blend, super absorbent) and the combination is awesome! Wish I had gotten these when my first kid was born, rather than with my third. I highly recommend this diaper!


2010-01-24 20:47:17

This cover really lasts!

I have been using the same 3 Bummis SWW for more than 2.5 years, and they are still going strong! A medium fits well on my 30lb almost 3 year old and on my 20lb 10mont old, and has fit him since he was 12lbs. More prints would be a bonus!

MJ @ Creative Madness

2009-11-29 22:01:41

Favorite cover, want more prints!

The SWW are my favorite. The SB are nice, but they just aren't quite the same to me. The prints available in the SWW are so much more exciting and I prefer the inner cover layer over the wipe-able water proof material. These covers are a much better fit than the others I have tried and will never go back to anything else such as our past attempts of Polar Babies, Thirties, and so on. I cannot wait for more options of prints!

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