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Swimmi Clownfish
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Small9 - 15 lbs / 4 - 7 kg
Medium15 - 22 lbs / 7 - 10 kg
Large22 - 30 lbs / 10 - 13.5 kg
X-Large30 lbs / 13.5 kg

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Swimmi Clownfish


The grooviest swimsuit in the universe - baby fashion will never be the same!

From the Riviera to the neighbourhood kiddie pool, your baby will have the cutest bum around. And rest assured - nobody will ever have to empty the pool because of your little darling! Fashion and peace of mind - what better combination can there be in a baby swimsuit ....

Engineered with painstaking attention to detail and functionality:

  • A trim and attractive design that has a terrific fit on any baby
  • Interior polyester mesh for easy clean ups
  • Coated nylon layer sandwiched inside that will hold in the messiest stuff a baby can throw at you!
  • Fun cotton prints on the outside
  • Adjustable hook and loop closures for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Stretchy soft lycra bindings to protect baby’s tender skin
  • UPF 50 - maximum UV protection due to the special way the fabric is woven (no chemicals required!)

What should you put inside the SWIMMI?

Absolutely nothing!

Does the Swimmi absorb pee?

No. Swim diapers are designed to hold messes in, not to absorb liquid. When you put an absorbent diaper in a swimming pool, it gets soaking wet – it’s no fun frolicking with a soggy bottom! When out of the water, you can add absorbency by inserting a doubler.

Can you use the Swimmi as a waterproof wrap as well?

No. The Swimmi is specially designed for use as a swim diaper. It may look like other wraps, but it's not meant to work like one!

The SWIMMI is made with careful attention to detail in our own wonderful factory in Montreal, so that we are assured of good quality and fair labour practices. Most of the fabrics and components we produce with are sourced in North America and all are guaranteed lead, phthalate and BPA free.

General Conformity Certificate

Manufactured by: Bummis
Made in: Canada

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2015-02-28 23:48:54

Does Its Job

I prefer Swimmis to all other swim diapers! I like the adjustability of the velcro and it's much trimmer than other reusable swim diapers that I have tried. It has lasted us through 2 children! I will agree that the fabric faded very quickly, but that did not affect its performance.

Natalie Monroe

2014-10-10 09:57:35

Fades :(

I loved the look of the clownfish print so much I bought a whole set, hat, top, & swim diaper. I was so excited to dress my little boy up for a day at the pool in style. Imagine my disappointment when after only 1 short swim in the baby pool, the diaper faded to a pale blue. Strangely, the hat (same fabric) stayed bright. It was in the water almost as much, since my son isn't a fan of hats. I love my Bummis diapers for their amazing aplix and serious waterproofness, but I don't think I'll buy their swim diapers again. My matched set doesn't match anymore. :(


2014-08-30 04:01:37

So cute... I want a top, too!

Adorable prints! So adorable, I want a top, too. The small-size cover fits my 12.5 lb daughter perfectly. My only complaint is that there are no laundry tabs for the hook-loop fasteners.

Kristina Dunphy

2013-04-13 11:40:00

Need a bigger size!!

I had the Swimmi for my son but find it just isnt big enough hes only a year old but about 34lbs not flabby but solid and even when he was between 28lb and 31lb it rubbed under his belly button and his inner thighs red raw. I wish it was a bit bigger not pinching him


2012-06-29 20:36:23


I bought bubbles in large for my 27Ib 2 year old girl and turtles in large for my 18Ib 8month old baby boy. Absolutely love these! My daughter messed hers, but a quick spray with the hose and it was spotless again(they dried within half an hour on the line as well)! No redness or chaffing and they were in them for a good 2 hours atleast, wet AND dry! Thanks bummis! Big fan!

Lindsay taylor

2012-06-05 18:28:12

tru to size and perfect

nice to change a poopy diaper. My son seems very comfortable in it. They do make sizes s-xl. Look on ebay and amazon if you need xl, they're a bit hard to find. they are for sizes 30lb and up. my son is a bit of a chunker, he weighs 26lbs and is 15 months. The large fit perfect, the xl was way to big! Ebay sells for about with free shipping.


2012-05-24 07:19:33

Velcro caused chafing

I used swimmis when my son was younger and less active and really liked them. Now that he is 2 and more active, it started chafing his legs after playing in it for about 30 minutes. I am extremely disappointed and will have to switch to another swim diaper.

Heather Diachyshyn

2012-03-01 11:20:33

Saved the swim day!

As my daughter at 4 months old was too small for disposable swim diapers (she could have worn one as a bathing suit if I'd cut arm holes into one), I searched the internet for alternatives. I came across the swimmi and decided to give it a try. It fit her nicely and at 8 months old, it still fits! Love, love, love the product! Swimmis allowed my tiny girl to have her 1st trip to the pool. Thank you!

Chantel Roy

2012-01-08 21:07:48

Love it!!

I saw this product before my baby was even born and I knew I had to have it and put it on my registry!! My baby is almost 6 months old and we have the medium size and I absolutely LOVE it!! I love the fact that it doesn't swell up with water and it fits so nicely under my son's swim suit! He was very comfortable in it and I have recommended it to many other moms in our mommy baby group and have written about it in my blog (I loved it that much!) Thanks for offering this great option!!


2011-12-22 21:15:45

OUCH! RED skin from velcro :(

The first swimmi I bought had a different top - the soft part was sewn in two pieces. I bought a small as he was 14 lbs. Regardless, the first time my baby wore it, it excoriated his poor tummy in MINUTES. We ended up buying a larger size so we could pull the panel higher and keep the velcro from turning in and rubbing on his tummy... but the first one was a waste.


2011-11-01 19:10:26


We bought these for our 3 month old son when we went to Mexico. Knowing that he would not be able to spend too much time in the water and in the sun, I cringed at buying the disposable diapers and wasting 3 per day for 5-10 min swims. My friend suggested these and we bought it. Our son is a little peanut and just hit 10 months and 16 pounds. We have been using this swim diaper for 7 months and we absolutely love it! We are finally at the point to move to a medium and we will be getting the next size for sure. I am done with the disposable ones! AND I can give the little one away as a hand me down. WIN WIN!

betsy thomas

2011-08-25 06:56:31

Re: Hurt!! My Child!! Not Happy!!

Laura, We are really sorry to hear that your baby was hurt by the Swimmi Aplix! We have been using the same Aplix closures for a long time and sell thousands of Swimmis, and this is not a usual problem at all. We would really love to do some detailed trouble shooting with you in order to resolve this as quickly as possible so that you and your daughter can enjoy your Swimmi again! Please give us a call at your convenience at 1-888-828-6647 ext. 208. In regard to sizing - while we try to have the weight ranges indicated be as accurate as possible, it is inevitable that these weight ranges will fluctuate slightly depending on the shape of your baby (short vs. long, chubby vs. lean). Thus, the Swimmis may run a little large for some babies and a little small for others.

Laura Thacker

2011-08-24 01:12:03

Hurt!! My Child!! Not Happy!!

This swim diaper was fine - besides running too large - though that was not a big deal. Worked fine for 20 minute swims but today she wore it for two hours and ended up with terrible burn/scrapes on her thighs from the velcro!!! ouch!!! why?!?!! refund or make me a believer!!


2011-08-05 12:08:47

Not for breastfed babies

It says it will hold in the messiest stuff a baby can throw at you, but I found that before my daughter started solids, when she still had the liquid breastfed poop, these diapers did not hold it in at all. At most, they maybe gave me a second or two to grab her out of the water before the poop started running down her legs. Now that she's on solids, they work just fine.

Marybeth Marr

2011-06-26 15:14:24

Sizes are off

My boyfriends daughter is about 2 weeks away from turning three and isnt potty trained yet. She weighs 28 pounds with a full stomache. With the Large the tabs are half way overlapped when it is on her. They need a rise setting on them too.

Tawnia Perdicho

2011-05-27 16:09:37

Love It

I just recently bought this for my 1 year old daughter, as i could imagine spending 10 dollars a pop on the disposable diapers and being in Georgia its hot and swimming is a great way to stay cool. we got the Medium and i fits well it will for sure get her through the season. i have recommended to all my mommy friends. Thank you Bummis

Meghan Slimick

2011-05-19 19:57:56


I bought 3 of these with my fingers crossed that they would fit my 18 month old, approx. 34 inch tall, 27.5lb son. He has generously sized thighs, not huge but he has a few baby rolls left that make finding a good fit without red marks a bit of a challenge. I have to say I am in love and impressed with these swim diapers. We have not actually worn them yet only tried on and worn around the house, but they are an AWESOME fit! Way to go Bummis!


2011-04-23 02:21:08

We need coordinates!

I got bubbles in medium for my 7 month old 17 lb baby and it fits on the smallest setting. I love it, it's so cute on her. Now if only you made matching tops! I would love a tankini top or rash guard to match. This could be a big sales opportunity for you, Bummis!

Nicole Cudhea

2011-04-20 14:47:45

Too big!

I ordered a Medium for my 18 pound 9 month old and it is HUGE!!! Even with the velcro as tight as it will go, it is still too big!

Leslie Marie Easley

2011-02-21 00:37:49

not big enough

Would have bought 2 of these if you carried a size big enough for my 40 lb special needs daughter--sorry you don't have it.

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