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one-size10-30+ lbs / 4.5-13.5+ kg

Dimple Diaper

the perfect overnight solution!

  • an incredibly absorbent core and included booster make for leak-free nights so you and your babe can sleep comfortably

  • soft, organic cotton interior and exterior - maintains softness wash after wash, even when dried on the line

  • custom booster is double-sided - stay-dry polyester on one side and organic cotton on the other

  • as absorbent as microfibre terry but easier to wash and 100% natural fibre

  • take out the booster to use as a trim daytime diaper

  • wide, comfy elastic that sits flat against baby's back

  • adjustable rise snaps and cross-over waist tabs for a perfect fit

  • hidden snaps don't touch baby's skin

  • fits well with all types of covers (two-size or sized covers may need to go up a size sooner when using fitted diapers)

  • healthy, eco-friendly & made in Canada from fabrics made in the USA

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Gloria C

2016-08-23 21:32:51

Want to try

I would love to try this dimple diaper as I only give birth to heavy wetters and this would be the ideal solution.

Melinda S

2014-12-08 17:37:10

Our new got-to nighttime diaper. It's perfect!

We've got two kids who have used cloth since birth. The one thing we haven't quite figured out was night time diapering. It's like my kids hold their pee all day until bedtime. Then they let loose. I swear they would wake up with wet sheets 4-5 times per week. We tried it all. If we could fit it into a diaper cover, we tried it. I have to point out that this is not normal. Most kids just need to double the daytime absorbency and they will wake up dry. Not my Littles. They have bladders comparable to an elephant's. I saw a post on Instagram a few weeks back, by Bummis, claiming that they found the solution to extremely heavy nighttime wetters. To say that I was skeptical is putting it very lightly. My almost 2 year old daughter could make a fool of this diaper, I was sure of it. I received one of the dimple diapers and aimed to prove them wrong. Here's the overall outcome: The diaper claims it needs to be washed 10 times before becoming fully absorbent. That seemed like too much for me so we washed 3 times and tried it overnight. Penny's bed was wet by 2am. We washed it 3 more times. Penny made it until morning but the diaper still leaked out and I was certain that it didn't matter how many times we washed this damn thing, my kid was still going to wake up drenched in her own urine. We washed it 4 more times. If it didn't do its job this time I will be burning this diaper and I will demand that Penny be potty trained right this instant. I heard Penny over the monitor around 7am, moseyed on down to her bedroom and... DRY FREAKIN SHEETS! It held the pee! I really thought it was probably a fluke but I have to tell ya, we've used it 3-4 times per week since then (about 2 months of suing it) and it never leaks. This thing is AWESOME! Absolutely worth the 10 washes it took to become fully absorbent. I'll tell you why this fitted diaper holds the liquid better than any other fitted I've tried: it evenly distributes the urine. We've spend more than we'd like to admit on Sloomb OBFs and Babee Greens fitteds and both of those diapers keep the pee right up front. In the morning (or middle of the night), when Penny wakes up soaking wet from head to toe, I take the diaper off and it's only wet on the front panel. It's like the fibers don't allow for any distribution, if that makes sense? The Bummis Dimple Diaper, when removed from my elephant bladder kid in the AM, is evenly wet all over. And it holds all the pee in. This diaper is perfect. Really. Pros: ? Less expensive than other popular fitted (Retails at .99) ? Holds an entire night worth of urine from a heavy-wetter ? Soft, organic, cotton that is surprisingly trim. I think it would fit under just about any cover ? It actually stays soft after many, many washes. (Sloomb OBF and Babee Greens both got crunchy after a few washes for us) ? Bummis has some of the best customer service in the biz ? Made in Canada from fabrics made in the USA Cons: ? Takes a full 10 washes to prep That's it! I hope you'll give this insanely efficient diaper a try!

Angelica Moreno

2014-11-09 11:56:13

FINALLY!! A true overnight diaper!!

We're a cloth diapering family from the time my LO was 2 weeks old. Our stash includes a variety of diapers but it has been tricky finding a 100% reliable cloth diaper that lasts through the night.... UNTIL NOW!! We currently co-sleep and the last thing I need is for my baby to have a leaky diaper which leave both of us are wet and means a change of diaper of outfit and diaper in the middle of the night. My daughter is struggling to stay asleep through the night so when I change her, she wakes up completely and then I have to deal with putting her back to sleep - very tricky these days and I'll do anything to avoid it. Luckily, Bummis came to the rescue with a Dimple Diaper!! We've been using the Dimple Diaper for a month and a half and it is AMAZING!! Finally, a true overnight cloth diaper that won't leak. My baby started using it at 3 and a half months when she was 14.5lbs. We're now at 5 months and 16lbs, 4oz and we haven't had a leak! My LO is on the lean side as she is very tall and is extra squirmy on the change table before getting dressed but Dad has always managed to wrestle her in to her diaper. It's fantastic! By morning the diaper is soaked but it has not leaked which is key! As with any cloth diaper, make sure that all cloth is tucked into the cover. Dad forgot to do this the first time but he never forgot again! We use the Bummis Simply Lite cover and couldn't be happier with the results. I'm planning to add at least one more Dimple Diaper to our stash. Hopefully two! Thank you Bummis for creating the Holy Grail of overnight cloth diapers!!


2014-10-25 21:15:37

Love it!

So I have been using this diaper on my 16lb 4 month old. The first thing I noticed about this diaper is how soft it is. As for fit, I found that it is a bit wide in the crotch area for a smaller babe but that didn't seem to make it bulky. It is honestly the trimmest overnight diaper we own. We can actually put our son in a sleeper because his bum isn't gigantic! I also loved the stay dry side of the booster. It helped to keep the moisture away from my little guy's bum making it more comfortable for him for longer periods. When I use it with our simply lite cover we never have any leaks and it lasts the whole night. I would definitely recommend this one!!

Katie Vance

2014-10-19 18:45:43

Finally, A Full Night's Sleep!

I absolutely love the Dimple Diaper. When we decided to cloth diaper full time, we found that our son was waking up wet in the middle of the night. We bought the Dimple diaper about a week ago and it works amazingly! No more middle of the night wet diaper changes. It's so nice to feel rested!


2014-10-18 10:39:47

Super absorbency without the long dry time

The dimple diaper is the very first one I grab after laundry day now. Our daughter is the most ridiculous super soaker, so we use it for long naps or trips out when we know we may not have an opportunity to change her as often as we'd like. If we add a hemp doubler and keep her from drinking for a couple of hours before bed, it makes an excellent choice for nighttime, but she sleeps 12-15 hours at night, so that's only happened a few times for us. The fit is amazing, and the diaper does an excellent job of pulling the moisture away from her super sensitive skin - which is key for us, since she's prone to bad rashes if we aren't careful about our bedtime diaper choice. The leg elastic is gentle but strong, and we can vouch for the fact that it can hold in some pretty heinous number twos! I really love that such an absorbent diaper is still so breathable, and washes and dries really well. The first couple of washes it took a while to dry and was really only great for long naps (4-5 hrs), but after several more washings, it now dries surprisingly quickly and the absorbency has increased dramatically! I would absolutely recommend this one. It's a keeper, and became a fast favorite around here! Well done once again, Bummis!

Angela S.

2014-10-18 03:11:12

This fitted is a workhorse!

I really like this diaper! It is great for overnights. It is rather trim for such an absorbent diaper, which I'm sure is more comfortable for babies. I usually use this under wool, but it fits nicely under the Simply Lite cover, which is pretty trim in itself. My son nurses through the night, and so he is a heavy wetter. He can wear this for about 8 hours without any leaks. And I know it holds a lot because the diaper is surprisingly heavy when I change it. I love that the doubler is double sided. It has a cotton side, for babies who are sensitive to polyester, and then there's the stay-dry polyester side. My only complaint is that after a couple washes, the edges of the doubler began to curl, and I have a little bit of trouble getting it to lay flat in the diaper. The diaper is very soft and squishy, which is another thing that I love, since many fitteds begin to feel stiff after being pee'd in. The fit of this diaper is wonderful! My son is 5 months old, and weighs about 16.5 pounds. He is still on the smallest rise setting. It is very easy to wash, since it is made of natural fibers. This is one of my favorite fitted diapers, and I plan to get more. Thank you, Bummis!

Lilina Lysenko

2014-10-17 19:51:07

Fantastic Product

We always planned on using cloth diapers 24/7 but my little guy is such a heavy wetter at night that we switched to disposable to avoid changing him and the bed in the middle of the night. The dimple diaper is not only the first leak-free cloth diaper we've experienced, but also wicks the wetness away from his sensitive skin. So excited to be able to use these on #2 when (s)he arrives in a few months - shouldn't need disposables at all!


2014-10-15 16:08:52

The dimple diaper...a real overnight solution

We love the dimple diaper! The diaper fits my little guy perfectly. It's not too bulky as I thought it might be. It fits nicely under the cover, and his fluffy bottom still fits in all of his pants. Which as you know, can sometime be a problem with really bulky diapers. I love that it is organic cotton. My son has very sensitive skin, and I know that he won't have a reaction to the organic cotton. I am a big fan of the fact that the dimple diaper requires zero stuffing. We use an AI2 system that requires me to locate the pieces in the wash and restuff them. We have tried it overnight and for long daytime naps...and no leaks! The diaper held up perfectly. This is the perfect solution for cloth diapering overnight, particularly if you are a cosleeping family, having no leaks means everyone gets a good nights sleep.


2014-10-12 09:20:15

Huge fan

From the moment I received it I loved the feel of the diaper. It's very soft on the inside and out. I was using it for my newborn baby so softness was important. It was also very absorbant, we have had no leaks after using it for several weeks. Which was surprising given its size, it is nut bulky like other diapers. The trim fit is a huge plus. I also like the adjustability. My tiny newborn started out so small and slim and has now plumped up and the diaper has fit snuggly around the waist and legs and has been able to grow with her.


2014-10-11 11:29:37

Very impressed with the Bummis Dimple Diaper!

I have to admit I was nervous to buy the Bummis Dimple Diaper. Because it is such a new product, most websites have little to no reviews about its performance I am new to cloth diapering. I was still using disposables overnight. I wanted to try cloth at bedtime but I wanted something trimmer and more comfortable for my 5 month old 17 lb chunky daughter. I bought two of the dimple diapers and have been using them with the Bummis Simply Lite covers. The first night she used the diaper she wore it for 9 hrs overnight. The diaper was literally saturated up to the tabs... and it DID NOT leak! I was blown away! The fit is amazing! They are low cut and don't ride up into little tummies. The leg gaps are wide enough for chunky thighs to move around comfortably. This diaper is trim enough to wear all day - even with the insert! They are trimmer than my all day fitted diapers. I regret not purchasing more of these in the beginning to use as an all day diaper. They are trim - they are absorbent - they are wonderful! They wash well and dry way faster than my prefold material fitteds. Don't be afraid...Just buy one, two, maybe even three! :)

Sarah P.

2014-10-10 13:13:08


I have never used anything like this Dimple Diaper before, and I am thoroughly impressed with this fitted diaper. It's so incredibly soft and very absorbent. I was surprised by how trim it is as well. Not many overnight solutions are trim! My son is an average wetter and it worked great as an overnight solution for us ? absorbed well and no leaks! If you have a heavy wetter, it would also make a fantastic everyday fitted for you because it is pretty trim. I think the best part is that it gets even more soft and absorbent over time. It pairs very well with Bummis Simply Lite cover if you?re looking for a total overnight package. Please make these in more fun colors!


2014-10-10 12:16:18

Favorite fitted! super absorbant and trim!

This is my favorite fitted I have ever tried on my son. I use it overnight with the Super Whisper Wrap. I'm so happy I have never had leak issues. Amazing! Other fitted diapers from other brands have always been super bulky and haven't fit him right now that he's bigger (13 months, 24 lbs). Even though the other brand fitted said it fits to 36 lbs, I can hardly get it around him to vector shut. Not the dimple diaper though. He has plenty of room to grow in it and I also love how it sits lower on his belly. Looks way more comfy. Its also a super soft diaper and looks exceptionally cute. :)


2014-10-10 00:45:33

Darling Dimple Diaper

This fitted is so wonderful. The wide elastic really does fit so nicely. We've used this fitted on both of my boys (one 23lb 11mo and one 26lb 2.5yo). It fit both of them perfectly. We used it under the super nice Simply Lite and also under wool and it never failed us. My oldest has a slender build and my youngest is much more "fluffy" and it fit both of them beautifully. I definitely recommend this diaper and I feel like it is much more easily cleaned than other night time dipes. Try it on your LO. You won't regret it.


2014-10-01 14:55:54

Fitted Love

I can sum up my love for this fitted diaper with lots of words that begin with the letter 'F'. When I first received the diaper I could not believe the FEEL of it! Super soft and snugly. The FIT is also incredible. I have used it on my 24lb eleven month old as well as my 30lb two and a half year old. FUNCTION, I can use the dimple diaper on both of them easily and they are both comfortable and stay dry throughout the night! Overall this is a FABULOUS diaper that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone!


2014-10-01 12:20:58

Love at first sight!

Hello!! My name is Alexandra, as you can see. I'm a first time time mommy to Angelo. I can't tell you how excited I am to be a mother. It's probably the best thing that has happened in my life and probably saved me, spiritually. I always want the best for him, as every mother should be with their children, so I decided to cloth diaper. I've heard so many good things about cloth diapering, from the rash free bums, to no chemicals in natural diapering. See, the first brand that I did try, was BumGenius 4.0. I liked the fact that it was snap diaper. But I didn't really like how it my baby's belly. I felt like it was a little too tight and not flexible enough. He's not a fussy baby, but I did see a couple marks on his belly from the diaper. I've also tried a couple other brands I'm not going to name now, but I still didn't like how they weren't comfortable on his belly when he sat down for any activity he had. Until one day! I go in this tiny eco store and I see this Dimple Diaper!! I love the material! It was like, love at first sight! Everything seemed so comfortable. But of course I didn't know if it was too good to be true, so I went ahead and decided to buy it! I tried on my babe and I loved it for him! Finally a diaper that fits his belly comfortably and to top it off, it was an overnight diaper! Which I was looking for! It is so absorbent! So I didn't have to worry about changing his diaper in the middle of the night! Especially because, in my opinion, I think baby boys tend to be heavier wetters than girls. I also liked the fact that these diapers aren't as bulky as the other diapers out there selling. There's numerous reasons why I love these diapers! But of course, I don't want you guys to read a 4 page essay. (Sarcasm) :P I just wanted to let you know how much I did love this diaper and how excited I am to buy more of these type if diapers and hopefully you guys come out with some prints for these Dimple Diapers! It would be a bigger hit! Thank you! Xoxox Alexandra

Chrystal S.

2014-09-30 08:58:40

Not just an overnight solution

I received the Bummi's Dimple Diaper and I didn't really know what to think. It looked very different from my pocket diapers. Hidden in that plain unassuming diaper is a multifunction leak stopper. I love this diaper because of functionality, dry clothing, bedding! I have used this diaper on long car rides, over night, and on airplane rides. It is amazing. The best part is it gets softer and more absorbent with use. This would be a great gift for a veteran cloth diaper mom or one just starting out that you want to stick with cloth diapering. The dimple diaper is 100% leak proof with a cover and without a cover it still holds a ton of pee. I wish I had one for every day of the week.

Tandalyn Szczurek

2014-09-29 10:49:28

Works Great!

This diaper is super soft and squishy. I love how soft it is! Fits my 24 pound 18 month old well for overnight under my favorite Super Brite cover and lasts all night with no leaks.

Maren Keen

2014-09-29 00:33:16

Dimple Diaper

The dimple diaper was great on both my 6 month old girl and 19 month old boy. Great fit and easily adjusted for both babies. And the diapers are so soft and squishy!


2014-09-25 14:18:02

Best Fitted - absorbant & trim

I have used the Dimple diaper for overnight, with the Super Whisper Wrap and the Simply Lite cover. I have used both the Organic cotton side of the booster and the stay dry side. Everytime the diaper has held up to my long, lean, heavy wetter (9 months, 28 inches & 20lbs). I really like this diaper for function and fit. It is nice and trim, no need to size up pjs which other brands require. I will be switching all my nighttime fitted diapers to the Dimple diaper; it is my new favourite!!!


2014-09-24 20:57:30

Great product!

I have a 4 month old boy (14 lbs) and a 2 and a half year old girl (23 lbs). Because of the rise snaps, this diaper is a great fit for both of them. It is super absorbant and soft. My favorite part is that it doesn't need a snappi to close it, unlike some other fitteds I have. It's very quickly becoming the first diaper I grab at nighttime.


2014-09-23 22:03:14

Love this fitted

We have never been huge fitted diaper users. My older child had a few in his rotation, but we mainly use and love prefolds. This may be the diaper to change that! my daughter has worn it on multiple occasions overnight and not leaked through or woken up fussy because she feels wet. Finally, a fitted that actually works! And we love the added bonus of being made "locally" in North America. :)

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