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The Pull-On

Complete cloth diaper coverage - quickly and easily!

  • no Velcro or snaps to fiddle with - just pull it on and go!

  • very lightweight

  • use with fitted diapers only, or a prefold insert secured with a Snappi

  • roomy - this pant will cover even the bulkiest fitted diaper in your stash!

  • no elastic in the bindings for an extra gentle fit; stretchy lycra bindings prevent leaks and are soft against baby's skin

  • healthy, eco-friendly & made in Canada from fabrics manufactured in the USA

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Jennifer Strieper

2016-01-20 10:29:10

Love these pull ons

These are one of my favorite covers. I love how soft and comfortable they are without the closures on other covers. I've never has a leak yet and they fit well over flats even with doublers added.


2015-03-19 15:42:30

NOT as good as the old style whisper pant

Just echoing some of the other disappointment in this "upgrade." I love the whisper pant, used it exclusively with my first baby 6 years ago and am reusing them now on my new baby who just turned 1. They are showing some wear and discoloring, so I ordered these new pull-on pants. They wick extremely easily at the waist and leg elastic and take a long time to dry. They are comfy and don't leave marks on my son but don't hold a candle to the old ones. PLEASE, BRING THEM BACK!! 3 out of 5 stars


2015-01-25 02:43:04

good but if xl had prints would be the best

i am special needs and i wear these for the daytime over my pampers baby dry size 6. they work well, and catch any leaks. but if the xl had prints and colours they would be beautiful. i have worn these during the daytime since the whisper pants, and i liked those too, but i wish there was more than just white ones. thanks.

Lise Bale

2014-04-22 11:07:32

Bummis Pull-On

I love these diaper covers. I used to use the Dappi vinyl covers, but they don't last as the plastic wears quickly (rips easily and the plastic gets hard and crinkly the more you wash them). I did not try the original whisper pant, but I suspect that they are similar to the vinyl ones as they are also plastic covers. I find the Pull-On breathes a bit while still being waterproof. I will continue to purchase these as although they are more expensive than the plastic covers, they last a lot longer.


2013-07-17 17:50:59

I love these.

I'm new to cloth diapering and working on a very limited budget. I ordered these for my prefolds because they were economical. Our son weighs 12 pounds and is 2 months old with chubby legs. I ordered them in medium because I can't afford two different sets. They fit around his legs perfectly and will go up to 4 hours without wicking. I haven't tried going longer without a change. They're a bit poofy but It's cute and he'll grow into them!


2013-06-20 22:49:47

miss the old ones

These pull-on pants are okay. I miss the whisper pant. The fabric around the legs and waist tend to wick if the diaper is not fully in the cover. I REALLY liked the old brand and wish you would bring it back! This will have to do because I haven't found anything I like better, but I am looking.

Rachel Brennan

2012-10-05 14:49:11

Bummis PullOn

Let me begin with the fact that I am a HUGE fan of the old style whisper pants, and when they were gone, I was sent and purchased three of these to try. After three weeks of use, i am still not in love with these like I was the whisper pant. They tend to not be as tall in the rise, therefore the top of my diapers are sticking out and I constantly have to pull the up, they do wick, since they are fabric on the outside and not nylon, so they are not a bullet proof for nights or long trips. They also do not smoosh down as much as a Bummis Whisper Pant and are not as trim. I would say they are 3 out of 5 stars where a Whisper pant would be 5 out of 5. I am not eager to purchase more, but since the whisper pant is no longer an option these will have to do, and I guess I will need to purchase some more Dappi covers when I size up.

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