Rockin' Green is one of the most clean-rinsing detergents on the market, leaving behind little to no soap residue on your diapers nor chemical residue on your baby's skin. Rockin' Green detergents have natural scents and contain no enzymes, phosphates or optical brighteners.

All formulas are designed with the same great ingredients, and work for all water types. That being said, the detergent is available in three formulas that cater to three different water types. Most people do well with Classic Rock, so when in doubt, start with that.

Soft Rock

Soft Rock is specially formulated for those with soft water systems or babies with especially sensitive skin. This gentle detergent is clean-rinsing so it leaves behind no soap residue on your fabrics or baby's skin. Don't be fooled though, even though it's called Soft rock, it works hard at keeping your cloth diapers clean and stink-free! Available in Bare Naked Babies (unscented) only.

Classic Rock

Classic Rock is for those cloth diaper launderers whose water is neither too soft nor too hard. This classic formula will work hard to clean your diapers and to keep rsidues at bay. It is clean-rinsing and safe for baby's skin. Available in all scents.

Hard Rock

Hard Rock is the toughest formula yet! If you struggle with stinky cloth diaper laundry, or your diapers constantly leak due to repelling issues caused by residues, Hard Rock is for you! It's gentle on baby's skin, but tough on stink and grime. It's a clean-rinsing formula, so it won't leave a residue on your fabrics or on baby's skin. Available in all scents.


Rockin' Green detergents are made of safe, phosphate-free ingredients, which are kind to our planet and to your baby. Ingredients: sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, natural chelating agents, sodium sulfate, biodegradable surfactants, natural fragrance oils (unless unscented).


Rockin' Green makes concentrated detergents. Use 2 tbsp for a top-loader, or 1 tbsp for a front-loader or HE machine. Rockin' Green detergents are available in two sizes: 45/90 loads (45 loads for a top-loader, or 90 for a front-loader), and a sample size: 2/4 loads (2 loads for a top-loader, or 4 for a front-loader).

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2015-02-18 12:24:09

I LOVE rockin' green!

Rockin' Green Soap is the best laundry detergent of my life. I started using it for my cloth diapers but it takes such a small amount of soap to get those fresh and clean again that I started using it on all of my regular laundry. Best Soap Ever!

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