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Small100 sheets (5 x 12 inches)
Large100 sheets (7.5 x 12 inches)

Bio-Soft Liners

They make using cloth diapers even easier!

Bio-Soft liners are flushable diaper liners that make clean-up a breeze. There's no need to sacrifice convenience when you choose cloth diapers - there will be no rinsing of poopy cloth diapers in the toilet. Bio-Soft liners contain the solid waste: you simply discard the soiled liner in the toilet and flush away the mess. They are non-irritating and ever so soft and comfortable against baby's sensitive skin.

Our Bio-Soft liners are made of a non-woven material with no binder, and will biodegrade very quickly (within 8 days in a sewage treatment system or 20 days in a septic tank). They are 100% viscose rayon, a cellulosic fibre derived from natural sources, and are made to our specifications in England.

When using cloth diapers that feature synthetic fabrics like suede-cloth against baby’s skin (as in many “pocket” type diapers), it is recommended that you choose the large size of liner, to ensure that it does not move around inside the diaper.

Bio-soft liners are highly biodegradable, however the flushing of any product like this can cause blockage in old or damaged drains or very sensitive septic systems. If this is your experience, please discard pee-soaked liners in the garbage and let soiled liners soak a few minutes in the toilet before flushing so that they can absorb some water and break down a bit before they are released into your septic system.

General Conformity Certificate

Made in: United Kingdom

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2015-06-20 22:57:01

Great product, still waiting for more

I have been cloth diapering since my baby was born. As soon as she moved from breast milk to solids, I started using the shields. I used several different brands before I found these. They are soft, extra wide for full coverage, and flushable (I only flush in public bathrooms, never in homes, especially septic). I just wish they would be made. I emailed company and they said it was a production problem, they should be getting them soon. That was the beginning of May. I hope I can order soon, I don't want to have to start this search all over again when I've found a product I like.


2015-05-28 16:35:07

Love These

We've been using these liners with our cloth diapers for 4 years (2 kids), and we absolutely love them. Once kids start eating solid foods and stools become more formed, these do an excellent job of containing the mess and keep the diapers virtually clean. While our kids seem to have skin irritations to other products, these have never caused issues. And they flush down the toilet without a problem.


2014-03-14 15:19:58

NOT Flushable--Possibly Expensive Mistake

These work fine as liners, they do tend to bunch a little more than my fabric ones. However, they are NOT FLUSHABLE!! These went down the toilet just fine but clogged up our main sewer line. If my husband wasn't handy, using these would have ended in a very, very expensive plumber bill. These are fine if you want to throw the liners, but do not flush them!


2013-01-13 17:01:37

love them but they are hard to find :(

I love the small liners fo rmy baby boy they make clean up so easy!! Wish they were easier to find


2012-11-30 15:53:29


Very disappointed with this product! Just bought two rolls of the liners and it didn't contain the poop and the liner ripped as soon as I picked it up. I will not be buying this again!


2012-04-20 10:27:01

Easy use, but do not disintegrate as promised

We began using these diaper liners once our baby switched to solids little over a month ago. They work great and make cleaning up messes very easy. HOWEVER, even with recommended use (flush only soiled liners and discard wet), the liners plugged up our main sewer line and had everything back up into our basement after about 3 weeks of use. When the line was unclogged, we found a thick wad of liners that did not even began to disintegrate. Per product description the liners fully disintegrate "within 8 days in the sewage", while Bummis customer service said 28 (!!!!) days. So much for flushable. We are going to give a try to reusable liners instead - may as well and they are cheaper.


2011-03-05 14:58:50

SOFTEST liners I've tried!

I tried these liners first, then a few other kinds because the Bummis were out of stock at my local cloth diaper store. I went back to these because they are literally the softest I have found!


2010-11-22 22:23:36


I was a nanny for a family who used these liners and we loved them. It made my job much easier as I didn't have to spray the diapers after a messy job!

Kathleen Tagg

2010-11-22 14:17:18

Fantastic product!

I bought these liners when my son started eating solid foods; I was rinsing my diapers out in the toilet, but my stubborn husband kept "forgetting" lol. Since we've gotten these liners I can't imagine how I managed without them! No more mess, and my diaper pail doesn't stink anymore! Whenever someone asks me about cloth diapering, I always recommend these liners. A lifesaver (for me and my washer)!


2010-11-21 00:23:57

1 of my CD must haves!

This was one of the CD products that convinced me to do cloth. We're unable to use a sprayer @ our home, so this makes CDing easy and feasible!

Terri Miller

2010-11-20 20:52:24

Love Love Love Bio-Soft Liners

I was bound and determined to breastfeed and cloth diaper my first and only child (so far), even when everyone kept telling me that cloth diapers were a hassle and inconvenient. I fell in love with Bummis and have been able to prove so many people wrong when I show them how easy they are to use. The Bio-Soft liners make cleaning up poopy diapers super super easy, especially since I don't have a diaper sprayer. I could go on and on about them and Bummis. Fantastic products!!!


2010-11-20 20:35:51

Great Transition Product

These were a lifesaver when we first started out with cloth diapering! It definitely made things easier and less messy! We no longer use them, as we're more able to handle cloth diapering our now 6 month old without the flushable liners. Though, we'll still use this product for the first few months with any other babies we have in the future, and highly recommend others to use this product too!

Sayward Grant

2010-11-20 17:55:05


These are a cloth diapering essential at our house! They're the perfect width to fit a trifolded prefold or an insert, and the length covers the diaper area perfectly. Thick enough to keep staining at bay. I thought these would be a Daddy Essential, but they're a Daddy AND Mommy Essential and make changing time sooo much easier -- esp. when teething or having "poo issues", or when transitioning to solids. Or pretty much any time. :)

Tamara Szogedi

2010-11-20 16:39:22

Love them!

I love these liners! We don't have a diaper sprayer and these liners are what make me feel like I can cloth diaper my toddler. I love how these liners help the poo just come right off the diaper. The do bunch up some, but I use the smaller size and I have wondered if using the bigger size would help with this problem. I would totally recommend these for anyone who doesn't have a diaper sprayer or who want to take their cloth diapers on the road! Thanks Bummis!

Becky LaSalle

2010-11-20 14:49:53

Twice the Poo... Half the work!

Cloth diapering twins could be a daunting task if you were chained to the toilet scraping and dunking all day! But with these liners its a simple task to simply discard the soiled liner and flush! It makes cloth diapering MUCH easier especially when you have twice the poo! We love them and won't cloth diaper without them!


2010-11-20 09:57:48

Can't live without them!

I didn't use liners for the first 5 months with my daughter. Now, at 9 months, I can't live without them! We were tired of rinsing the diapers, and the liners made dirty diapers so much easier to deal with! After our first order, I did try a different brand that was slightly cheaper, but they were so hard and scratchy! Bummis Biosoft liners are definitely the best!

Trisha W.

2010-11-20 02:17:28

Bummis Flushable Liners

I love that this product exists. I use them once my babies are on solid foods and their poop starts getting extra stinky. I love being able to get most the poop off of my prefolds be peeling off this liner and flushing it. I do wish they were a bit wider so I could wrap the edges around the long sides of my prefolds. That would allow all the poop to stay off of the diaper and it would help the liner not to shift so much. I have had times where the liner just gets all mushed up and the poop winds up missing most of the liner. That leads me to the old dunk and swish mess. (I don't have a diaper sprayer.)


2010-11-20 00:13:45

Thumbs up!

These flushable liners have been great for the transition from breastmilk-only to the baby starting on solids. The liner makes things easy to contain and now that the baby is older and the bowel movements are firmer, they work great - just wrap up and flush! They also help prevent staining of the underlying cloth diaper too.


2010-11-19 19:54:36

best ever

These saved me! My husband was against cloth diapering, until I showed him how to use these. They are so easy to use and literally you just flush the "solids" and put your diaper in your wetbag/pail. The only suggestion I have is that if you use pocket diapers, get the large liners as stated above, so they dont move around too much!


2010-11-19 19:32:11

Best Liners

Okay, I admit, the first liners I used were Bummis Bio-soft liners. But a little voice inside my head said to try out others even if I loved Bummis bio-soft liners. So armed with google search, I researched and tried out some cheaper liners. Well, all i can say is, I'm back to Bummis after trying out two other brands of liners. Bummis bio-soft was first and best. Bummis bio-soft liners will be the only liners to touch my son's bum from now on. Thanks Bummis! BTW, your pre-folds are the best too.

carly g.

2010-11-19 19:24:01

saved me!

I had been having a hard time with our dirty diapers. My son is 9 months and being that he is still breastfed but eats some solids his poops are a very weird sticky gross mess! i was having a hard time even with using a diaper sprayer to get them clean. I am squemish so i had thought about switching to disposible for awhile to avoid this mess. But then someone gave me some bummis liners and they have saved me from giving up! They really handle the mess well and are super soft on his bum!

Chantelle South

2010-11-19 18:22:09

Bio Soft Liners

I LOVE the bio soft liners! I have used another brand of the liners in the past (they were given to me) and I found them to be like very cheap toilet paper. The worst part was when I flushed them down the toilet. They plugged up my toilet every time and I had to get out the plunger and make a mess. The Bio Soft liners are just what they say they are - soft and barely there. They make clean up a breeze and have never once plugged up my toilet. I also like that they come in 2 different sizes although I have only used the small ones - it's nice to have options.


2010-11-19 17:30:07

Great liners

As my baby is 4.5 months and breastfed, we aren't using the liners for poo containment - yet. We sdo use them for a barrier between our cloth diapers and baby's bum when using a cream for occassional rash. They are super soft and so thin they are barely there. Very much recommended.


2010-11-19 17:13:25

Can't live without the biosoft liners!!!!

These are by far the best disposable liners I've tried! My son has very sensitive skin and we've never had an issue with these liners. They are super soft, durable and don't bunch up at all in his diapers. We jsut went through a bout of runny poop and I could not have survived it without the liners, they caught everything and made washing my diapers a breeze because there was no scraping or swishing in the toilet :)

Loretta Rippon

2010-11-19 17:09:40

are they as great as everyone says?

I have not tried these. I have not felt they are necessary considering the cost and the fact that we cloth diaper not just to be nice to the environment but to save money. So the cost has to be cheaper than disposables for me to use a product. I want to try these if they were cheaper then I would.

Alyssa Nelson

2010-11-19 17:06:53

Bio-Soft Liners

I do like these liners. If I am using a syntheic material diaper, say a pocket with seuded cloth or microfleece you need to size up to the large no matter the baby's size. Even with a little bunching here and there these liners still make clean up MUCH easier!


2010-11-19 17:06:21

Best Liners

These liners are so much better than other liners I've tried as far as softness goes. I found others were oversized and seemed really rough to touch. The Bio-Soft liners are true to their name. Plus I love being able to flush the mess. Bottom line (no pun intended) my little girl is happier and more comfortable in them and that is the most important thing to me.

Brigitte Malloy

2010-11-19 16:48:43

Bio-Soft Liners

For those people who wonder what to do with the poo when cloth diapering. Here is your answer. Just flush it away with the liner. They make cloth diapering easy for people who are a little squirmish about poo. :)

Lindsay Etherington

2010-11-19 16:45:36

Great product!!

I have been using cloth diapers for 10 months now (my son is 17 months) and only recently bought a roll of these liners to help with poop cleanup. They are FABULOUS!! Makes cleanup SO much easier, just dump in the toilet and flush - no swishing or spraying needed. Only con is that with a very mobile child they can tend to bunch up in the diaper and not catch all the poop. We use them mostly at night and naptime though so it's not a huge issue.

Nikki Newenham-Kahindi

2010-11-19 16:37:24

Bio-Best Bummis liners!

These are super-soft on my little boys skin, so convenient, so effective, we LOVE them! Take the waste and flush it down - how easy is that? Thanks Bummis, love the liners, love Bummis pre-folds! Our second baby is due in March and we get to use the same quality system all over again!

Carly Cookson

2010-11-19 16:32:35

Flushable Liners

I love these liners! I have tried other brands end always go back to these. They are so soft, stay in place properly, and make changing a messy diaper super-easy!! :)

Angela Champlain

2010-11-19 16:13:56

Bummis Flushable Liners

I really want to like these liners, and 5 times out of 10, they do what they are suppose to. The other 5 times, they get all wadded up unless you get them in the exact perfect position in the diaper. The small ones are the worst. HAVE to use the big ones even on a small baby or they dont work right.

Amy Hernandez

2010-11-19 16:11:20


Whenever I tell my disposable using mommy friends how much cloth diapers have evolved they are quite surprised. The flushable liners make cloth diapering even easier. I do admit I was quite nervous to use cloth as this was my first child, but honestly the liners make clean up a breeze. I love these liners and will continue using them along with my cloth diapers for all my children.

Carrie Washer

2010-11-19 16:11:12

Bummis Flushable Liners

Not only do I use these, but I recommend them to all the mom's that I sell cloth to. I'm a representative for Everything Birth. So many moms are hesitant to use cloth because they don't want to scrape poop into the toilet or worry with a diaper sprayer. These are the perfect solution! I had tried another brand of flushable liners and they were so tough. These are like a soft piece of fabric and don't keep our diapers from absorbing like the others did. I highly, highly recommend these and have them listed as a necessity for every cloth diapering momma!


2010-09-12 22:04:16

New liners

I'm not sure why this item is forever on backorder in Canada, but I finally got my new roll of liners and it appears that they are different from our last roll. The new liners seem to be super thick and have recently caused problems with our toilet ... in a new house! Anyone else experiencing difficulty? What makes this new product better from the old? So far its sadly not working for us!


2010-06-02 06:13:17

Great Product!

I love these liners! These liners work well in prefold diapers, contours, etc. I can't imagine diapering without them. We have been using them in every diaper and have not had any trouble with them falling apart and/or causing diaper rash. I also love the fact that they can be flushed down the toilet and are biodegradable. I highly recommend these liners!

Kelly Hansen

2010-05-11 14:29:28

Bummis Liners

I recently purchased the bio-soft liners after running out of a previous brand. I was sorely disappointed to find that they left pieces of material stuck to my daughter's bum, didn't breathe well against her skin, and left her with a nasty diaper rash. I've never known my daughter to have sensitive skin, but these liners tell a different story. The liner also didn't sit well in her diaper and bunched up in her diaper. Sadly I will be passing these liner onto another momma.

Christina Brumley

2009-10-05 19:49:52

Flushable Liners

I was given the Flushable Liners to do a review on. They couldn't have arrived at my house at a better time. We were dealing with some bowel issues in our house and we were at our wits end on how to deal with it all. Let me just say, not only am I thankful for these liners but so is my fiance. He's never been fully on the cloth diapering bandwagon especially when it comes to #2. He doesn't want to dunk and swish. He refuses to. So these flushable liners were perfect for both of us. Just flip the diaper over and the liner and poo fall into the toliet and.. FLUSH! It's all gone and diaper goes in the pail. You get a very large roll and for a great price. These are also great for taking out of the house on errands or vacation. I just stick a few in the diaper bag and go. Well done Bummis... well done!

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