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Infant8 - 15 lbs / 3.5 - 7 kg
Baby15 - 30 lbs / 7 - 14 kg

Organic Cotton Diaper Kit

A cloth diapering stash-in-a-box. Everything you need to start cloth diapering now!

The ORGANIC COTTON DIAPER KIT is a value-packed box of cloth diapering essentials. It has everything you need to start cloth diapering now!

You don’t need to be cloth diaper savvy to appreciate this stash-in-a-box. We've put together an economical, easy-to-use and eco-friendly kit that eliminates the guesswork from choosing a cloth diaper stash.

Organic Cotton Prefold Inserts are luxuriously soft; they're also a very economical choice. You can dive into cloth diapering without a big outlay of cash.

There's no need to sacrifice convenience when you use cloth. This kit includes flushable Bio-Soft Liners and a step-by-step guide to no-fuss diapering that will make the initiation to cloth an easy one.

Organic cotton is truly the greenest choice when it comes to diapers. From the growing and harvesting of the cotton itself to the final product that actually touches baby's skin, organic cotton is the best! Safe for growers, workers, baby and the planet.

Infant kit (8 - 15 lbs):

Baby kit (15 - 30 lbs):

As an added bonus, we have collaborated with our kind friends at Rockin' Green and Anointment in order to include samples of Classic Rock detergent and Baby Balm diaper cream in every box!

Why Prefolds? Find out why prefolds are so great!

General Conformity Certificate

Rockin Green sample pack

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2013-01-14 16:01:54

Pretty Good- Great Value

Hi Everybody, First time mom here, and diapering is easy, pretty much the same or easier that the one-use kinds. My husband finds it easy and likes that our household garbage is still minimal even with a new baby. Our baby is long and sturdy and the covers fit great. We were lent some Newborn covers too which came in really handy as they fit 10 lbs and under really well, but we are now at the 11-12 lbs mark. I think the small sizes will keep fitting her for awhile though. So far we have not used the liners, and we think that the wet bag is a great idea, it works really well.

Carrera Ramirez

2011-03-15 10:15:25

Organic infant sized Pre-folds

LOVE these pre-folds! Super soft and super absorbent! My husband and I bought a little bit of every kind of cloth diaper before our son was born to find out what worked best for us...and to our surprise it was these Bummis Organic infant sized pre-folds! We just fold them and lay them inside of all different kinds of covers :)


2011-03-13 18:28:07

Very economical, work great, excellent customer service

I started using these for my now 10 month old when she was 2 months old. Have almost never experienced a leak, liquid or solid. She was in the small size before and now in the medium. The only con is that when you're on the go, where there isn't plenty of space to change, it can be a bit of a challenge to use these, as the prefold cannot be attached to the cover, and can fall out if you aren't holding the cover and prefold together. This, coupled with a squirmy baby... That said, I have used it successfully when there is a changing table to use or if I have the help of another adult. My husband wasn't too sure of cloth, but once I started keeping some assembled, he fell in very easily, and now, I don't have to assemble any for him. He loves them too. Very easy to take care of. Bummis is always willing to answer questions regarding care.


2010-07-29 15:56:16

Wasn't so sure... now I know for sure

As a first time mom, I really wasn't sure how using cloth diapers was going to work out. I wanted to use them for many reasons including saving money and lower environmental impact. I am so impressed with the bummis! They are amazingly absorbant and my 3-month old has not gotten a diaper rash. Not to mention how affordable they are! I have on occasion had to use disposable diapers and had struggled with them, couldn't tell if my baby was wet, and overall they were not as convienient as I thought they may be. Once you get a feel for the folds, they are extrememly easy to use. My care-provider also finds them easy and they weren't a problem for my husband either. I wash them at home and as long as I don't use too much detergent they stay super absorbant and soften with every wash. A couple things to keep in mind are that the diapers do shrink up after washed and dryed (not the covers) and clothes generally have to be long enough to fit over the diaper and the cover as they are slightly bulkier than disposables. I am so pleased!!


2010-05-31 12:31:39

So easy & economical - but bulky

I've used Bummis cotton prefolds and covers (Super Whisper Wrap & Super Brite) since my daughter was born in 2007. She's out of diapers and now I'm using them for her very big baby brother (now 7 months old). Very pleased! EASY, ECONOMICAL, EFFECTIVE These are SO EASY to use, wash/dry, fold, put on. They take little time and less time than pocket diapers. The easy basic fold worked fine for my girl and boy. RARELY LEAK because they are so bulky and absorbant (I had lots of diaper blow outs from the sides or up the back with my son at times that he was in disposables regardless of the brand) NO RASHES until the first long vacation we took & used disposables, as long as you change them a bit more often than disposables HUGE - Be warned! I wish more clothes were designed with big cloth diaper butts in mind. Cute enough without clothes on a hot day. These fit best over clothes that are larger than what your child would otherwise wear. I suggest dresses, overalls, onesies (with extenders or next size up), sleepers and rompers all fit more easily than pants/shorts. Adjustable or elastic waists help, as do adjustable hems on pants or capris used as regular pants. I used Bumgenius or disposables when a special outfit required a smaller bum. COMFORT? Sometimes my child would have marks on the belly from the velcro tab. Line drying makes them stiff, unless I partially dry them in the dryer first. Overall - I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THESE

Jason Laffan

2010-05-25 05:20:06

Cloth Bottom Diapers

love them.


2010-05-07 22:42:59

Great support

I originally was set on disposable diapers for convenience, and just didn't want to bother with the extra laundry. After hearing some other parents talk, I decided to give cloth diapers a shot. These were the cheapest, and it has been a great experience. Not much more work than disposables, since you do laundry frequently with a baby anyway, so it's just one more load. The support for troubleshooting leaks and washing have been astounding and I've gotten responses within hours via email. All the suggestions were incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend this product because of the quality, and especially the great service.


2010-04-27 22:47:31

I Can't Wait!!!!

I just bought these today!!! I'm doing my pre-wash now! I have used the Super Brite cover once with the cheap prefolds from Wal-Mart (those are NOT diapers!) But the cover did great for what it had under it! I'M SO EXCITED TO USE THE BUMMIS PREFOLDS!!!! I'm already sure I'll love them! :-D


2010-04-27 11:00:33

Easy to use and a great value!

Before using the Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit I was a little hesitant about prefolds. I thought they were too much work, not absorbent enough, and too bulky. Yet I decided to give this kit a try since I'd heard great things about it. Immediately it changed the way I thought and felt about prefolds because it was so much easier than I thought it would be! I love that I have the flexibility of using different folds (and the user guide gives instructions!) and that the organic cotton prefolds are VERY absorbent. Plus the covers are thick and fit perfectly. I've been using this kit for months with no leaks or irritation! I was also impressed with how great of a value this kit is! I typically get several diaper changes out of one cover and there are plenty of prefolds to make it through a day. On top of that, the wet bag is wonderful for collecting dirty diapers for a load of laundry. The Bio-soft liners are really a time and mess saver, I don't have to bother with the extra steps to clean a poop soiled diaper because the liners catch the mess and are easily disposed of. I recommend this kit for anyone that wants to start cloth diapering because you have everything you need right here! Or anyone that is looking for an affordable way to build up a diaper stash.


2010-03-19 14:39:51

We love Bummis!

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you so much for making an amazing cloth diapering system. We have been using the Organic Infant Diapering Kit since our daughter was born. We were a little uncertain how cloth diapers were going to work being busy first time parents, but I can personally say they are so easy. We had my daughter in regular diapers for the first week of her life and in that week's time she had terrible diaper rash. Since switching to Bummis, she has never had any diaper rash at all. We also hardly ever have any leaks. She's five months now and we'll be investing in the next size kit in a few weeks. My whole family is extremely happy with your product. My mom tried using cloth diapers on me when I was a baby and wished she had this kit. She gave up on cloth diapers because they leaked so much. Her opinions have changed with the Bummis. Thanks again Bummis! I am recommending your kits to everyone!


2010-02-17 12:47:58


The diapers in this kit are amazingly absorbent! They make for great burpies as well. The large wet bag is huge and washes well. This kit comes with everything needed. I highly recommend it.

Melissa Naasko

2009-12-28 16:00:06

Testimonial - The diaper kit is the best idea!

I love that your diapers are available in a complete kit! I had cloth diapered my kids for years and my supplies were shot. Bummis are so soft, even the good but older diapers are in the rag bin, and I know what I am talking about, I am the mother of nine kids. The kit provides parents with everything they need to get started including the handy how-to booklet. I will recommend this kit to everyone and a friend is switching from a service and straight into the fabulous kit. Great product!

MJ @ Creative Madness

2009-11-29 21:51:02

Favorite diapering system for me!

I love this system. It's so simple. Sure there is a few minutes effort to prep the diapers with assembly, but oh well I hardly even notice it anymore. I was able to use these diapers almost first thing home from the hospital and at four months and 12 1/2 pounds there is still lots of room left of the velcro tab for her to continue to use them on her itty bitty waist. Right now I'm starting my list of what I want for her medium size and wondering when we'll get there. So far I'm planning a Baby sized Organic Cloth Diapers Kit that will give me 18 baby size prefolds, 2 SWW - medium, 2 SBrites - medium, 1 roll Bio-Soft liners - large, 5 reusable Fleece Liners, and of course a fabulous wet bag and user guide. In addition to this I already purchased a medium Flower print, and plan to get at least one each of the Super Star print covers. I'm also not adverse to getting some more Fleece Liners so that I might be able to use one on every change and not have to "guess" which one will consist of a nap time.

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